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Ohio has restricted hours of exotic dancers. The bars usually have to close around 2 to 3 am in the morning. After 12, semi nude performances are the only performances allowed. There is no touching allowed or each party could be charged with a misdemeanor.

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What are the laws for exotic dancers?

It's state by state, and sometimes county by county.

Do exotic dancers strip?

No they do not

Florida exotic dancers license?

do you have to get a licence in fl to be an exotic dancer

What is the law on exotic pets in Ohio?

You cant bring exotic pets to Ohio

Do you need a license to do bookings for exotic dancers?

No you do not need one.

Are monkeys legal to have as pets in Ohio?

Ohio has strict laws governing the keeping of exotic and endangered animals as pets. Monkeys are prohibited by law to be kept in private by individuals.

Is there an exotic dancers union?

i would imaging its the same as for actors after all you are only acting out the role of an exotic dancer

How many professional dancers are there in the US?

Very broad question. Including commercial dancers, Ballet dancers,Contemporary dancers,Broadway dancers, Hip Hop dancers, Latin American dancers, Ballroom dancers, Exotic dancers? Lots & lots. And that's not including the teachers. Even more including them.

Where can one get lessons to dance like exotic dancers?

A good website that has an instructional blog to help you learn to dance like exotic dancers is the exotic dancer academy website. There also are videos on YouTube to show basic exotic stripping moves. Other websites that you could find this information on include the sites at your tango, exotic dance central, or empowerment through exotic dance.

Do you have to have an exotic dancers license in Atlanta Georgia?

You can find Atlanta exotic dancer permit information by calling City Hall.

Do exotic dancers use drugs?

Some might, it's a personal choice.

What has the author Gerald Lynch written?

Gerald Lynch has written: 'Exotic dancers'

Definition of exotic species?

Exotic species are animals that are not native to the area. Lions and giraffes are exotic animals in Ohio but not in Africa.

Is an exotic dancers license needed in Scottsdale?

yes, it costs 125.00 to get your license in scottsdale.

Is it normal for guy patrons of clubs with exotic dancers to have a problem coping with the strong difficult conflicting emotions of dealing with the dancers primarily guilt from rejecting them?


Are there window tinting laws in Ohio?

Yes, there are absolutely tinting laws in Ohio

Are there laws for pregnant teens in Ohio regarding emancipation?

There are no emancipation laws in Ohio.

Where can you get an exotic dancers license in Pensacola?

You need to go to the police department, and have them run a background check. It costs $30.

Ohio laws about student driving to and from high school?

What are the Ohio laws for students driving to and from school?

What are the laws on non-domesticated or exotic animals as pets?

Laws regarding exotic and or non-domesticated pets change from one place to another. The best way to be sure of where you stand is to check the local laws regarding this matter.

What are the gun laws in Columbus Ohio?

The gun laws specific to Columbus now longer apply. Thanks to legislation and the Ohio Supreme Court, Ohio state firearms laws now supersede any local laws.

What is a group of strippers called?

Depends on the context... it could be Exotic Dancers, Entertainers, Strippers, Adult Entertainers or many other variations.

What are the Ohio reposession laws?

there are no Ohio repo laws aslong as you don't breach the peace. I am a professional repo man

What exotic animals can you have as pets?

Honestly, it depends on where you live and what your local laws are.

How does someone obtain an exotic dancer's license in Florida?

Some cities in Florida require exotic dancers to get a license. You can call your local sheriffs office to see if one is required in your city. The sheriff's office usually issues them.