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What are the Side effects of snorting Vicodin?

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its the same as if you took it oral except it gets in your system faster in the long run you will hurt your liver from the acetaminophen-also will damage your nasal cavities

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What are the side affects of snorting vicodin?

Being thought of as an idiot.

Inwhat does snorting Vicodin do to the braq?

"Inwhat does snorting vicodin do to the braq? Hehe, I think you have your answer right there.

What are side-effects of snorting oxycodone?

It would be similar to the effects of snorting a percocet, because that's technically what it is. SNORT UP

What are the side effects of snorting 800mg ibuprofen?

stinging nostrils?

What are the side effects of snorting ecstasy?

A messed up life.

What does snorting vicodin feel like?


Is tramadol hcl like Vicodin?

Yes and no. Vicodin gives you a much better high which does not last as long and vicodin does not have as bad side effects. Vicodin is very addicting, but Id have to say the withdrawals and side effects of tramadol are ten times worse.

Side effects of snorting percocet?

The side effects of snorting percocet are the same as if you injested them. The only other differ from eating them and snorting them is that most come with acetimenophine (tylenol) and with that it burns like hell the first line you do. And it doesnt taste very good.

What are the side effects of mixing marijuana and vicodin?

You get arrested

What are the effects of snorting Viagra for women?

it is bad side effect for pregnancy

What are the side effects of snorting mirtazapine?

Mirtazapine is only slightly soluble in water, so snorting it might bring on the effects slightly quicker, but it will be similar to ingesting the pill.

Is snorting vicodin a good idea?

no its not a good idea.

What are side effects of snorting three lines of MDMA with alcohol?

Increase in cardiovascular side effects. Mixing alcohol with any stimulant will do this

What are the side effects of snorting cocaine mixed with adderall?

you die drugs kill

What are the side effects of alcohol mixed with vicodin and marijuana?

it depends on how much vicodin you took.If the amout was not great enough to overdose on then puking and maybe a minor headache would be the worst side effects

How long do the effects last when snorting diazepam?

This is dangerous . Snorting Valium is bad for you. When you snort Valium, you increase the chances for negative and adverse side effects to happen. Side effects from snorting : fatigue difficulty breathing irregular heart beat loss of concentration nausea and diarrhea overdose ulceration of the mucous membrane of the nose seizures tremors

Can you mix methamphetamines and vicodin?

yes you can just beware of side effects

What are the harmful effects of snorting Hydrocodone?

Snorting Hydrocodone (Vicodin), is not only harmful, but illegal. Medically speaking, Snorting any medication that was not designed to be snorted will damage nasal tissue and your sinus cavities. It can also damage the brain if prolonged use via "snorting" occurs. As an end result, you may lose your ability to smell.

What are the side effects of snorting Prozac?

Snorting Prozac and other antidepressants can lead to irregular heartbeat, nausea, and coma. Death does sometimes occur with an overdose.

What does snorting Vicodin do to your body?

It can ultimately cause severe liver damage

Do painkillers have the same side effects if they are snorted I mean the same side effects you would have if you were taking them for medical reasons?

No snorting medicine would have a drug effect on you

Side effects of snorting salt?

Nothing will happen. It will burn for a few seconds then your nose will run.

What are the effects of taking Vicodin during pregnancy?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and am concerned about taking norcotens and the side effects

Does smoking Vicodin get you higher than snorting it?

no. dont smoke it at all its a waste

Can you take trazodone with vicodin?

i have and had no side effects but every reacts different to mixing meds