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There are no standard dimensions of kitchen countertops! It depends on the material of the countertop, the style, etc. If you are going to purchase the in stock Plastic Laminate kitchen countertops at a lumber store, the width will vary, depending on the manufacture, usually 25" to 25 ½". The length is usually sold by the even foot 4', 6', 8', etc. up to a maximum of 12' without a joint. If you custom order a kitchen countertop, the width can be any size you order. The usual width is 25". The length will also be any size you order. There could also be a maximum length depending on the material you choose. And would either be joint together before installation or the pieces would be jointed in place.

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What is the difference of kitchen counter to a kitchen counter top?

Kitchen counter tops are on top of the kitchen counter. The tops are just the outer exterior of the counter and the counter is just the base of the kitchen counter.

What is the recomended height of kitchen counter tops?

The normality for nearly every kitchen counter top in the US is 36 inches starting from the floor to the top of the counter. This has been the cabinet industry's standard for a long time.

What are the pros and cons for using granite counter tops in a kitchen remodel?

Granite counter tops are very favorable in the kitchen selections. They have great personality and looks. They are also resistant to a lot like water resistant. A con of granite counter top

Where is the coffee machine in virtual families?

In the kitchen on the counter tops by the dishes and sink

What are two uses of marble?

It can be used to sculpt statues and to create kitchen counter tops.

Any suggestions on how to replace old kitchen counter tops?

On You Tube you can see a how to video on how to put in and how to tile and install a kitchen counter with a sink. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ip1eQztuAg

Do high gloss kitchens fade?

What part of the kitchen? The cabinets, counter-tops, walls, appliances, floor?

What can granite rocks be used for?

counter tops counter tops

Does Home Depot sell Granite Counter Tops for a Kitchen?

Yes, Home Depot does sell granite counter tops for kitchens. They come with a fifteen year limited warranty. Installation is included with every purchase and they have a counter top available for every budget.

What green building materials are best as kitchen counter tops. Judy?

Some of the best Green Built Counter Tops are: Recycled glass and end grain bamboo. Thse style tops have all of the earths wastes reused for beautiful and eco-friendly living. A great article on these type tops can be found at- http://www.sunset.com/home/natural-home/eco-friendly-kitchen-counters-00400000011823/index.html

What is kitchen kitchen furnitures and fixtures?

Kitchen furniture and fixtures are those items used to make your kitchen a functional and beautiful place. Cabinets, counter tops, plumbing fixtures like sinks, faucets and accessories.

Are kitchen sponges the best option for cleaning counter tops?

Not really. Its better to use a towel thats a little wet.

I'm looking for a Granite Counter Tops for my kitchen, I live in central texas, who has the best deals?

Laminate Counter Tops is one of the most popular and reasonably priced services in Central Texas. Take your time, and shop around, to get the best deals.

How do you measure for counter tops in the kitchen?

It's tricky Home depot has free info & they will cut for you & is also in the books they have at the register. (If you are US)

What are the advantages of getting a granite counter top in the kitchen?

Granite counter tops offer many advantages over a standard counter top. The material is very strong and will surely last much longer and take more abuse than a laminate counter. Granite is also a very tight material and after polished and sealed it is very easy to clean, and resists stains.

How do you maintain granite kitchen work tops?

melaine is made of kitchen work tops by mark rowen

Today’s laminate countertops have the look of luxury for less?

If you need to replace your kitchen or bathroom counter tops, don’t count laminate out as a fashionable option. For decades laminate counter tops have stood the test of time for durability and functionality. When granite and other natural materials became popular for counter tops, laminate was used in situations where consumers expected low-cost counter tops, like starter homes and apartments. However laminate remained a popular and economical choice, since many people could not afford the cost of granite and marble. Engineered counter tops made of natural materials that look like granite or marble can be also very expensive for homeowners on a limited budget. However, there is a solution for those who don’t want to break the bank to have upscale looking counter tops. High definition laminate offers the upscale look for less. These fashionable and extremely durable laminate counter tops can compete with their upscale cousins. Laminate counter tops come in colors, styles and textures that mimic natural stone like marble and granite, as well as butcher block types with the look of wood. Rolled and beveled edges with a seamless appearance create a more natural look. Laminate counter tops are easy to install, which makes them excellent choices for remodeling projects. A professional installer can give a kitchen or bath a brand new look in a few hours. High quality laminate counter tops are easy to clean, scratch resistant and with reasonable care can last for as long as thirty years. They resist scratching and can be economical to repair or replace if needed. Such counter tops look exquisite in starter homes or luxury homes. It pays to take a look at laminate counter tops if you are thinking of remodeling a kitchen or bath. Since these counter tops come in an array of colors and finishes, you can pick the best style for your home. Laminate counter tops can also be custom designed to meet specific requirements. The good news is that your new laminate counter tops can cost a fraction of the cost of counter tops made of higher end materials. Laminate counter tops have come full circle, offering durability and style for years to come.

How hard is formica?

It won't stop a bullet or stand up to a blow torch,...but it was the standard for counter tops for 50 years.

What do you use gabbro for?

Gabbro is used for ornamental stones and paving stones. It is also used to make headstones and kitchen 'black granite' counter tops.

Which company in Wisconsin manufactures ceramic kitchen sinks?

The company Kohler is a company in Wisconsin that produces ceramic kitchen sinks as well as many other items. They offer faucets and counter tops as well.

What is the standard size of a sink faucet hole?

1 1/4 is the rough hole size in most bathroom counter-tops.

What is the thickness of a standard counter top?

The standard counter top is about 1.5" thick. However, materials like tile can increase the thickness. Your counter can also be thicker, depending on the materials you use. For instance, concrete counter tops can be as much as 3" thick. Soapstone and other surfaces typically range from 2-3" thick.

How thick are solid granite counter tops?

Often times granite is 3cm for residential counter tops and 2cm for commercial counter tops. Granites generally come in 2cm, 3cm and 4cm. 3cm is recommended for residential use.

What is the best material for kitchen counter tops?

marble i have it it was the best decision i ever made it is very smooth and it will not crack it has a beautiful shine but i have to warn you it is very cold in the winter

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