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The Gulf of Mexico covers a surface area of 1.5 million sq km, and the Persian Gulf covers a surface area of 260,000 sq Km

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Q: What are the Surface area of the Gulf of Mexico and the Persian Gulf?
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What is the smallest country in the persian gulf?

Bahrain is an island country in the Persian Gulf and the smallest country in the Persian Gulf area.

Why is the persian gulf area influenced by democratic rule?

Most of the Persian Gulf area is NOT democratically ruled.

Is the Gulf of Mexico the biggest gulf?

it depends which one is bigger if i can find the answer.there was a question but had the stupidest answer for it...and this was the answer:there is no gulf named Witch. And there is no such gulf of Alaskaor

What is the floor area of Persian Gulf Complex?

The the floor area of Persian Gulf Complex is 420,000 square metres.

What is The area of Texas that borders the gulf of Mexico?

The Gulf of Mexico.

Is the gulf of California shared by Mexico?

No. All its surface area falls within Mexican territory.

Is Persian Gulf a country or city?

Neither. The Persian Gulf is a geographical feature. A gulf is an area of sea partially surrounded by land.

Where is the Persia gulf and the red sea located?

The Persian Gulf is not in the Mediterranean area.

What is a group of small islands in the western Persian gulf?

bahrain is a small group of islands in the western persian gulf

What large gulf borders Mexico and US?

The Gulf of Mexico, considered one of the biggest in the world in terms of area.

What is the Persian gulf and the Asia minor known as?

The Persian Gulf and Asia Minor could be grouped into the geographical area of 'The Middle East'.

What is larger gulf of California or gulf of Mexico?

The Gulf of Mexico is almost 10 times larger, stretching from Texas to Florida and south to Yucatan and Cuba. Numerically, the Gulf of Mexico is about 600,000 square miles in area, the Gulf of California only about 62,000 square miles.