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The total number of jobs in the United States is just under 134 million. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics's site 2009.*

Though there is no accurate reflection of the total population, estimates range from 310 million, upwards of 340 million, as of February 2010. Illegal immigrant population estimated at 11.2 million.

Discounting the under-aged (16 years of age, or younger) 68 million, discounting the over-aged (65 years of age and upwards) 37 million, and discounting the disabled (any age, some of which overlap with the over and under-aged and many of whom maintain employment) 51 million. The total number of United States citizens available for the work force is, 154-184 million individuals.**

Estimation of "true" unemployment is at 23%-27.2%, conservatively.

According to a 2009 article from TIME Magazine, males between the ages of 25-64 are at an unemployment rate of 80.1% within the United States. This is not reflected in the overall findings of this article. No gender, race, religious, or economic factors are calculated into these findings.

*Full and part time positions are being cut at a rate of tens to hundreds of thousands a month, since the completion of the BoLS's last employment findings.

**It is estimated that 15% of senior citizens and 40% of people with disabilities hold full, or part time employment. Though for this article, no one with disabilities, or people over the age of 65 was counted as being employed.

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Q: What are the Total number of jobs in US?
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