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HeLa cells were used by Jonas Salk to test the first polio vaccine in the 1950's. Since that time HeLa cells have been used for "research into cancer, AIDS, the effects of radiation and toxic substances, gene mapping, and countless other scientific pursuits".

According to author Rebecca Skloot, by 2009, "more than 60,000 scientific articles had been published about research done on HeLa, and that number was increasing steadily at a rate of more than 300 papers each month.

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They help scientist test vaccines so that they dont have to test it on a real person

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One significance is that they never die.

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Q: What are the Uses of hela cells?
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HeLa cells have been used in research to?

HeLa cells have been used in research to study the nature and progression of cancer

What are HeLa cells?

it is an immortal cell

How do you wash hela cells from my skin?

That cross-contaminations of HeLa are still a major ongoing problem with modern cell cultures not with your cells, exactly. If you have had a transplant of tissues that involve HeLa cell lines, you will not see these on your skin.

What are HeLa cells and how did they get their name?

HeLa cells are human cervical cancer cells (the cervix is found at the top of the vagina). HeLa cells come from a sample taken from a woman called Henrietta Lacks and were named using the two initials of her first (He) and last (La) names.

How many chromosomes do hela cells have?

Most have 82.

Why hela cells are growing in patches?

Hela cells grow in patches because these are isoenzymes. It contains genetic polymorphisms, including an X linked G6PD variant which allows the cells to grow in patches.?æ?æ

Should HeLa cells be considered a new species?


What was remarkable about HeLa Cell in Henriette dances?

Hela cells were remarkable because they grew in culture, doubled every 24 hours and they didn't die.

HeLa cells were cancer cells first taken from a cancer patient by the name of whom?

Henrietta Lacks

What is the replication or synthesis of DNA and associated proteins that happens before cells divide?

Look up HeLa cells!

How do hela cells differ from other cells?

Research has shown that HeLa cells have an active form of the enzyme Telomerase (not present in normal cells, but can be found in most cancerous cells). Telomerase is active during cell division, and prevents the shortening of telomeres - a mechanism that is associated with ageing and eventual cell death.

HeLa cells are the cultured descendants of cells isolated from?

The definition of HeLa cell is "Any of the cells of the first continuously cultured human carcinoma strain, originally obtained from cancerous cervical tissue and maintained for use in studying cellular processes." From this, (and the fact that it's one of the choices on my homework) I assume it's cancer cells. Good luck ^^