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What are the abiotic factors of the ocean?


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The abiotic factors of the ocean include:

Sun (light), water (salt), rocks, sand, oxygen, predation system, clouds, temperature, water movement, weather.


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ocean can be abiotic factors of sea lions

Five abiotic factors of the ocean would be shells, rocks, sand, climate and water. These all interact with living factors in the ocean.

The abiotic factors in an ocean are water,rock,shells,sand,pebbles,minerals,tempertaure,salnity,and light.

Some abiotic factors in a temperate ocean are water, air, rocks, salt, and sand. and poop.

Some abiotic factors of the ocean are salt, calcium, water, sand, methane,rocks,or underwater caves.

Abiotic Factors: SeaShells UnderWater Caves Sand Biotic Factors: Sharks Star Fish Plants

Abiotic factors are factors that affect a biome that are not biological in nature. For the ocean, these include the varying temperatures at differing depths, the different pressures and the different amounts of sunlight received.

Water, salt. Abiotic means nonliving, so there isn't much abiotic objects.

As far as I understand it, the ocean and the elements that make it up are the only abiotic factors involved. So, one might be nitrogen or something like that.

the abiotic:factors of the ocean could be water salt rocks sand anything that is not living is a an abiotic

A few abiotic factors are temperature, salinity, pressure, dissolved gases and depth.

Abiotic FactorsAbiotic, meaning not alive, are nonliving things that affect living organisms. Environmental factors e.g. pond, lake, ocean, desert, and mountain or weather such as temperature, cloud cover, rain, snow, hurricanes are abiotic factors. The ocean is greatly penetrated by the sunlight in which it gives a great boost to the life below it.

Rocks, Sand,Salt(ocean salt), Water, ocean floor and soil

Some of the abiotic factors are the ocean, temperature, and weather biotic factors are seaweed, sharks, coral, fish, humans, plankton and killer whales.

Abiotic factors found in the Florida Keys include the sun, the climate, and the quality of the water. Other factors include hurricanes, currents, and temperature.

The Number One Abiotic Oceanic Factor is known as H2O Water; Number Two are the Salts.

some biotic & abiotic foctors include plants,animals, & this is about 87%

Seasons are not proven to be abiotic factors, so therefore they are not abiotic factors. But there are abiotic factors during the seasons.

is anything that does move like a rock or alage

In Coastal Ecology, salinity(salt), pH(acidity), DO(dissolved oxygen), waves, wind, currents, and tides are all the abiotic factors.The basic abiotic factors are air, sun, water, and soil.Abiotic FactorsAbiotic, meaning not alive, are nonliving factors that affect living organisms. Environmental factors such habitat (pond, lake, ocean, desert, mountain) or weather such as temperature, cloud cover, rain, snow, hurricanes, etc. are abiotic factors.

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Biotic: fish, plankton, sea mammals, coral reefs, shellfish. Abiotic: H2O, salt, sunlight, ocean floor, minerals.

The water and minerals in the ocean are abiotic.

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