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they fought

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What is aims and goals?

Aims are something that our heart want to achieve

Did evacuation achieve its aims?


What is the difference between aims and objectives?

AIMS ARE ACTUALLY GOALS WHICH U SET FOR URSELF IN LIFE. OBJECTIVES ARE THE MEASURES WHICH YOU UNDERTAKE TO ACHIEVE UR AIMS. Aims are what you want to achieve, Objectives are what you will do to achieve them. So, an Aim would be the overall thing you want to eventually achieve. thanks Joe Zimmerling

Why have aims and objectives?

Without Aims and Objectives how do you know where your business is heading for the future. You need it achieve your aims of the business.

Business aims and objectives?

Aims are the changes you hope to achieve as a result of your work. They can be divided into different sections •Social aims •Profit as an aim •Commercial aims •Service as an aim Business objectives are the stated, measurable targets of how to achieve business aims. Objectives give the business a clearly defined target. Plans can then be made to achieve these targets. This can motivate the employees. It also enables the business to measure the progress towards to its stated aims.

What are the objectives of a partnership?

The Partnership Strategy has identified a number of discrete aims and objectives and identifies specific priorities and activities that the Partnership will undertake to achieve its vision for improving social and economic regeneration.

What does aims and objectives mean?

Aims are something that you want to achieve, and objective is similar but an objective is more important than an aim.

How do ethical issues affect the aims and objectives of Cadbury?

ethical factor can affect the ability of cadbury uk to achieve aims and objectives

What aims did Rosa parks not achieve?

She achieved every one of her goals

What is an aims?

"something that you've dreaming of and you are working so hard just to achieve it"

What endorses violence and dictatorship to achieve its aims as a nationlistic political movement?


What are the aims of united nation?

The United Nations is similar to the failed League of Nations. Its aims are to achieve world peace and cooperation among all the world's nations.

Explain the objectives of business organisation?

these are the goals of the business.they are the outcome or targets that the business wants to gain in order to achieve its aims. the objectives of a business can be derived from its aims.

Insurgent strategies seek to achieve their political aims by using what?

Will, time, space and resistance

How aims and objectives affects business activities?

Go and ask ure mummy lol :P

What are the aims of propaganda?

The aims of propaganda are to bring a message across to a large group of people with the intention to change or manipulate their views. These influences could be biased or quite untruthful depending on what the propagandist is promoting. The idea of propaganda is sometimes used to encourage or motivate persons where other uses are to present an impression that the propagandist what to create to that particular audience. Some forms of propaganda gives versions of the truth, which could be argued to be the same to advertisements, where other forms are almost untruthful and misleading. The benefits of propaganda can control and influence people's attitudes in which therefore can often achieve the response the propagandist wanted from them. The effect of this can be very powerful and strongly mesmerizing in terms of people's beliefs to what the propaganda is promoting (even if this is not true). It also has the potential to arouse emotional attitudes and give the prospective offered by the propagandist. Then, the recipient affected by forms of propaganda would believe that the decision made by themself was on their own and independent. It brings a message and strong motifs to an audience that if effective can overwhelm that audience and influence them profoundly. If you wish to read about certain examples of propaganda and where it has been used, see WWI British History.

Why set aims and objectives?

If you don't set aims and objectives it is impossible to make plans to achieve anything. You must know what you are trying to do before you can decide how to go about doing it.

How does the marketing mix help a business to achieve its aims and objectives?

Marketing strategy questionnaire with answers

Did the United States achieve its military and diplomatic aims at the end of World War 2?


Did Hitler achieve all of his aims?

No, he didn't coz he didn't conquer all the European countries.

Did the suffragettes achieve there aims?

Well, as women have every right that men do, I would say so...

Why did Oliver Cromwell use violence to achieve his aims?

The same reason everybody in power did: it worked.

What are the 7 aims of propaganda movement?

The aims of a propaganda movement is to create fear among the civilians. They create fear among the civilians so that they can achieve their political agenda and mission.

What are the top 5 aims of the EU?

The main 5 aims of the EU and what they are trying to achieve: trade, free movement, to give justice, equality, greener Europe/environmentally friendly.

Why do NHS set aims?

Hi I'm Dr Spencer, the reason the NHS sets aims is to improve medical statuses of our companies around the national state. We also do it because aims help us achieve and motivate our staff into achieving a goal. We find it very important that aims are in place. If we do not meet our aims, or standards, also aims was made and occurring thing do to meeting held some years ago.

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