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Admission requirements for Stanford University aren't pre-defined. However, your previous study reports must be excellent, and you must be intellectually outstanding. You'll find more information about admission in Stanford University at:

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Q: What are the admission requirements for Stanford University?
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What are the admission requirements at Stanford University?

students are admited a needblind basics and the unversity ensures that no...... degres at stanford, and admissions requirements vary great among them.

What are the requirements to get into Stanford University?

There is no specific requirements for Stanford University. But you must be intelligent and your previous educational performances must be excellent. You also must have to score very high in SAT. It is quite difficult to get admission in Stanford. They only choose the best students. You must be outstanding to be accepted as student in Stanford. Chances of being accepted for admission in Stanford University is very low. Only about 25 percent of total applications submitted are approved for admission in Stanford University. UPDATE BY C.B.-- Stanford is looking for students with exceptional leadership and social skills. They are looking for students with excellent grades, high-level classes, extracurricular activities in and out of school, community service hours, and other things that show that you are an all round great student. You have to write an excellent essay to prove that you deserve to go to Stanford and prove that you will be dedicated to achieving success through your years in Stanford.

What are the High School requirements to get into Stanford University?

what are the high school class requirments for Stanford University

What are the admission requirements to get into the University of Liverpool?

Dear Sir, What are the Admission requirement for M.Sc in to your University.

Which exam should we write for MBA at Stanford university?

GMAT score is required for admission to MBA at Stanford University. Recently it has started accepting GRE score also for admission to it's prestigious MBA program.

What are the Graduate entrance requirements for Stanford University?

Check the Standford University webpage.

What is the minimum GPA required for admission to Stanford University?

4.0 average GPA

What are the entrance requirements to get into Stanford university?

These is no any specific requirement.

What are the admission requirements for Rice University?

3.0 gpa

What is the undergraduate admission requirements of duke university?

Yes it is

What is the admission reqidment in University of North Texas?

Click on the related link for admission requirements.

What is the SAT score required for admission to Stanford University?

2100 minimum 2100 minimum

What are the requirements for admission to Harvard University?

The requirements for admission to Harvard University may vary. You can visit the website for admission information. Please see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Links.

What admission requirements do you need to get into the university of texas at austin?

i dk

What is the admission requirements for university of howard?

Go to their website (google it)

What is the Admission and SAT score requirements for university of Istanbul?


What are the requirements to get into Indiana University?

after graduation can i take admission for law

What are the Bradley University admission requirements?

Go to the schools website.

What are the admission requirements for Cebu normal university?

school grades

How many years of high school math do you need for admission at Stanford university?

4 years

What are the GPA requirements to get into University of North Texas?

Click on the Undergraduate Admission Requirements on related links for the GPA requirements.

What is the admission requirements for university of south Florida?

you need to have a 3.0 GPA

What are some admission requirements for the university of la Sierra university?

There are certain requirements such as the GPA to go in you have to be a 3.0 and to be a transfer student would be 2.0

List of state of Tennessee college admission requirements?

The way you have phrased your question, it appears that you would like the admission requirements that are particular to all the colleges in Tennessee. If this is the case, there are no standard admission requirements state wide. Each college and university will have general admission requirements particular to itself, and may also have entry requirements that are program specific.

What are the minimal requirements for entry at NED University?

To be accepted into NED University, a person must have to take the admission test. They have to pass the admission test with a minimum of 72% to get in.

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