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I'll give you some of the most distinct advantages and disadvantages:

ADVANTAGE: The price. It's great. It's cheap. What more can you ask for?

ADVANTAGE: It's got endless possibilities. With different channels, some already set on your Wii, you can do pretty much anything. Check the weather, the news, upload your pictures, it's quite great.

DISADVANTAGE: The graphics aren't too hot. They're not really bad, it's just that they could be improved upon.

DISADVANTAGE: The games are a lot. While the console itself is not, individual games cost roughly around $50 on average. However you can always buy a card from Walmart or other department stores to buy games directly off of your Wii.


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Is there a difference between the Wii and the Nintendo Wii?

The Wii or Nintendo Wii has been officially named the "Wii" by Nintendo. Not the Nintendo Wii, the Wii. The Nintendo Wii and the Wii are both the same thing. Many people call the Wii the Nintendo Wii because it's from Nintendo and all of Nintendo's prior consoles had the name Nintendo in their trademark. Here's the simple answer No a Wii is the short version for Nintendo Wii (Duh)

Who inventedthe Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo invented the Nintendo Wii.

Will there a Nintendo Wii?

HAHA. There will a Nintendo wii.LOL. THere will b a Nintendo wii. There is a Nintendo wii out now in black or white!

What is the difference in the Wii and the Nintendo Wii?

Ahh, The Answer To That Question Is Nothing, Dude. The wii Is The Nintendo wii. The Nintendo Wii is sometimes just called the Wii.

Where was the Nintendo Wii?

with the Nintendo wii company

What is the best brand Nintendo or Wii?

Nintendo OWNS the wii. that's why its called the Nintendo wii

Who made the Nintendo Wii?

Answer:The company "Nintendo" made the Nintendo Wii.

What company made Nintendo Wii?

The Nintendo Wii was made by Nintendo.

What comes after the Nintendo Wii?

The nintendo 3ds comes after the nintendo wii.

Is Nintendo Land for Wii and Wii U?

Nintendo Land is only available for the Nintendo Wii U.

Is the Wii a windows7?

No it is not. The NINTENDO Wii is made by Nintendo.

What is the name of the inventor of Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo wii is how inventor of the nintedo wii

Is the game De Blob on psp?

no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii. no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii. no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii.

Why won't my Wii U work on games from my Wii?

That is because the Nintendo Wii U is a newer generation of gaming console for Nintendo. Therefore, the Nintendo Wii cannot play Nintendo Wii U games

What is better a Nintendo or a Wii?

Nintendo is the company that makes wii

Will there be an updated Nintendo Wii?

There already is an updated Nintendo Wii.

Where was the Nintendo Wii made?

the Nintendo wii was made in vanuatu.

Who is better PS2 or Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo Wii of course!

What guitar will work for the Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo wii guitars

What came first Nintendo Wii or Wii?

There was never a Nintendo Wii. It was always a Wii. There was a Nintendo GameCube and a Nintendo DS. They wanted something that was short, to the point, easy to pronounce, and distinctive.

Does the Wii U controller work with the Wii?

It depends on which controller you are referring to. The Wii U gamepad will not work on the Nintendo Wii but the Nintendo Wii motion plus controller will work on the Nintendo Wii.

Is there a walk-through for Wii sports on Nintendo Wii?

There is no walk through for wii sports on the Nintendo Wii.

Disadvantages of the Nintendo Wii?

That depends on what you want form a game console.Overall, the Nintendo wii is considered a good game console, but if you are a hardcore gamer, then you might prefer a console that offers more qua graphics and game experience.

Where does the Wii come from?

The Wii came from Nintendo, just like Nintendo DS's or Nintendo DSi's.

Is the Nintendo Wii region free?

No, the Nintendo Wii is region locked.

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