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What are the advantage and disadvantage of coal relative to oil?

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Coal has only one advantage relative to oil, which is that it is abundant and relatively inexpensive. Disadvantages include, it is more polluting (due to impurities in the coal) and it is harder to handle; oil can be pumped, whereas coal has to be shoveled. Coal mining is often more difficult and dangerous than pumping oil out of the ground. Coal dust creates the dangers of explosion, and black lung disease.

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the countries that have deposits of coal and oil have the advantage to have coal to heat up homes, give a warming fire etc, and for countries that have oil deposits can have more petrol, cooking oil :), oil for lamps etc.

It's an advantage. It's free. It's renewable. It's clean, with no carbon dioxide emissions to cause global warming. And the more we use, the less fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) we need.

An advantage of using coal and natural gas is that is is virtually an endless natural resource.

Advantage: It may help the areas where it is being transported. Disadvantage: It is really expensive to import oil.

Three types of fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas (:coalgasand oilCoal, Natural Gas, OilCoal, Oil, Natural GasCoal, Petroleum(Crude Oil) and Natural Gas.Oil, coal, gas.Coal,Oil (petroleum) and natural gas.Coal , oil , and natural gas .oil, coal and gasoil, gas and coalcoal,oil, and gascoal, oil, and natural gascoal oil and natural gas

A big advantage of mineral oil, especially in cosmetics, is the lack of allergens. A disadvantage is it still can clog pores.

One advantage is: The energy that you have to put intothe solar cell is free. No oil, gas, coal, etc.

Coal oil is only found in cannel coal and bituminous shale coal.

coal and oil come from many different places. Like coal from mines. oil from the ground.

Most coal and oil are natural and is extracted from the earth. Most coal and oil are natural and is extracted from the earth.

Coal and oil are both fossil fuels.

The advantages of natural resources would be that they can be used in everyday life, and they're made from the earth. Some disadvantages would probably be that oil is a natural resource and it can kill animals, coal factories fumes are killing trees and leaving off toxic fumes, and oil drilling harms animals habitats, in the ocean or on land.

Advantage is that some natural resources are renewable, ex: trees, disadvantage well some are nonrenewable, ex: oil.

Yes burning oil is better than coal. its because coal produces more carbon than oil

oil is a liquid and coal is a solid. idiot.

Coal- In a mined so in the ground and oil also in the ground

It is a fraction of crude oil, which can be obtained from fractional distillation of oil. It has nothing to do with coal

The advantage of using solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy is that these energy sources are environmentally friendly, and they do not run out. The disadvantage is that they are generally more expensive to implement than traditional sources of energy like oil and gas.

Do you mean coal and oil in the same country? The US and Russia certainly Some countries have a lot of coal but not much oil, like Australia, and some have a lot of oil but no coal, like Saudi Arabia.

you get coal out the ground by oil rigs :)

Transformation of coal in a substitue of oil.

Coal is simalar to methane oil.

food, coal, gas and oil. food, coal, gas and oil.

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