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The whole purpose of a flower producing nectar is to attract bees to it - for the purpose of having the bees help spread the flowers pollen to other flowers of its type. The nectar therefore must be in such a location as to have the bee dusted with pollen and have the dusted bee come in contact with the stigma of the flower. Nectar on the outside would not accomplish these vital actions.

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What particles are located inside the nucleus and what is located outside the nucleus?

Neutrons and protons are located inside the nucleus and electrons are located outside.

Where is the proton located inside or outside the nucleus?

The proton is located inside the nucleus. Along with the neutrons, they are also inside the nucleus. Electrons are located outside the cell on energy levels.

Where is the stamen on the plant?

The stamen is located inside the flower.

Is the fibula bone located on the outside or inside of the leg?


Is Neptune located inside or outside?

Neptune is inside our solar system.

Where are plants reproductive organs located inside its flower?

In the Ovaries

Describe the exact location of the egg cell and sperm nucleus of a flowering plant?

The egg cell is located inside the ovary of the flower. The sperm nucleus is located inside the pollentube of the flower

Are all neutrons located outside of the nucleus?

No, they are located inside the nucleus.

Is the 1984 camaro slave cylinder located inside or outside of the transmission?


Do flower only live outside?

No.Some house plants only live inside.

What is inside when it is outside and what is outside when it is inside?

inside when its outside is outside because inside is outside answer = outsidesame with outside being inside answer = inside

Is the washer pump on a 2004 suzuki Verona located inside or outside the tank?

It mounted to the outside of the tank inside the rf fender

Where were the petals and stamens of the tomato flower attached?

The stamen of a tomato flower is located inside the petals. The petals of the tomato flower are attached to the pedicel, or stem.

What is endoskeleton?

An endoskeleton is a skeleton that is located inside of the body. An exoskeleton is located on the outside of the body.

Is the neutron located outside an atoms central core?

No it is on the inside

Is mars located inside or outside the asteroid belt?

out side

Is Jupiter located inside or outside the asteroid belt?


Is Pluto located in the outside or in the inside of the asteroid belt?

Pluto is on the outside of the asteroid belt, and is VERY far away from it.Outside.

Is an electron located within the nucleus?

No. Electrons are located outside the nucleus. Protons and neutrons are located inside the nucleus.

Is water located inside a cell or outside a cell?

although water can be outside of a cell, an organell called the vacuole stores water inside the cell.

Is Jupiter an inside or outside planet?

jupiter is an outside planet because it is located outsid the asteroid belt.

Is Saturn located inside or outside the asteroid belt?

Outside. The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter.

Is Uranus located inside or outside of the asteroid belt?

Uranus is a long way outside the asteroid belt.

The charged particles located inside and outside of the neuron are called?


What are the particles that make up the atom?

protons which are positive located inside the nucleus. neutrons which have no charge located inside the nucleus. electrons which are negative located outside the nucleus.