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What are the advantage of computer?

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What advantage does a computer have when sorting data?

The computer can do it extremely fast.

What a advantage the computer?

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Advantage of computer in consistency?


What is the need of computer science for the advantage of computer?

cause computer science programs computers stupid

List atleast 5 advantage of computer?

list 5 advantages of computer

Computer system aid learning Discus?

Tel me more about Advantage of computer?

Computer advantage what the meaning of reliability?


What is the advantage of having a booster in your computer?


The disadvantages and advantage of computer hacking?

The disadvantage of computer hacking is that very confidential information can fall in the hands of the hackers who can use it maliciously. The advantage of computer hacking is that it can be used to recover lost information.

Advantage of a scanner?

There are many advantages of having a scanner. The main advantage is that you can recreate documents on the computer.

What is another advantage of using a computer-generated model of a car?

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What are the disadvantages of computer worms?

First of all think if there actually is an advantage in a computer worm. Computer worms, however, are self-replicating programs which take advantage of security holes in networking software and hardware.

The advantage of information technology over computer science?

Addvatage of studying of computer science?

What is the advantage of wireless printers?

The main advantage for using the print server is you dont have to connect your printer to a computer and share the printer on that computer (printer shared computer). To be more specific, it means you dont need printer shared computer anymore and can use that computer for other purposes.

Advantage of c language?

You can write computer-programs in it.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of mainframe computer?

speed communication

What is the advantage of computer games?

An advantage for computer game isYou can put mods in your gameYou can hack it without getting in trouble with system people because it's hard for you to get found out

What are the advantage of computer vision syndrome?

Read all the Updates about Computer vision syndrome @

What are the advantages and disadvantages of computer animations?

advantage it is more efficient disadvantage the computer might break.

What is the advantage of a computer mouse to computer keyboard?

the advantage and use of computer mouse is to click icons. by using mouse is faster in terms of pointing in to an object on your computer. unlike by using keyboard, you need some keyboard shortcuts in order to execute or click an object.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of computer generated imagery?

One advantage of using computer generated imagery is that it can be duplicated easily. One disadvantage is that it isn't really an image to hold onto.

What is the advantage of computer?

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Advantage of computer hacking?

None and there are many disadvantages to the victims.

What is the statement of computer to youth advantage or disadvantage?

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What is the advantage of buffering to a computer user?

5 to 10 seconds