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A breeder reactor produce more fissile material than consume. I suppose that very serious disadvantages doesn't exist.

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What are their advantages and disadvantages of Nuclear and Breeder Reactors?

You can't compare and contrast nuclear reactors and breeder reactors, any more than you can compare a lion with a mammal. A lion is one example of many mammals; a breeder reactor is just one example of many types of nuclear reactor.

What are disadvantages of fast breeder reactor?

The main disadvantage is the positive temperature coefficient of reactivity.

When was Experimental Breeder Reactor I created?

Experimental Breeder Reactor I was created in 1950.

Do Breeder reactor and nuclear reactor have similarities?

A breeder reactor is one type of nuclear reactor, but not a type that is in general commercial use at the present time

Who invented the breeder reactor?

The person who invented the Breeder Reactor in the 1950s was by a team led by Walter Zinn

What are breeder reactors and How are they different from regular nuclear reactors and What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Breeder reactors create the fuel that they use. Where many reactors use plutonium as fuel, in a breeder reactor you can put in U238 into the reactor (when it is about 1/2 empty, not completely empty) and while the reactor is burning the rest of its fuel, it will convert that U238 into Plutonium for it to use. That way, you only need to use Uranium mined straight from the Earth and do not need to process it first. There are several types of breeder reactors that can use U238 (the reactor itself converts it into Pu239 before using) or Th232 (they turn it into U233 before using) or other fuels.

What type of reactor makes more fissionable material?

A breeder reactor

Which Uranium is used to create the breeder reactor?

For the breeder reactor is important the depleted uranium (containing uranium 238) or thorium 232.

What is a FBB reactor?

You may mean FBR - this stands for Fast Breeder Reactor

When did North Korea breeder reactor start?

A breeder reactor is generally defined as a power generating reactor that breeds at least sufficient plutonium to replace the U235/Pu which it has consumed. To the best of my knowledge, North Korea does not have such a reactor.

How are breeder reactors and nuclear reactor different?

The breeder reactor produce more fissile fuel than what is consumed while this is not the case for other nuclear reactors.

Does breeder reactor consists of fission reaction?


How many days does a breeder reactor require to produce plutonium-239 from uranium-238?

It is a continuous instantaneous process that happens in the nuclear breeder reactor.

How does one use a breeder reactor?

It would be used as a more efficient version of a Nuclear Reactor. While a regular nuclear reactor requires almost a factor of 100 greater in fuel amounts, a Breeder reactor uses much less and produces less waste.

Does a breeder nuclear reactor use moderator?

Thermal Breeder Reactors use moderators but Fast Breeder Reactors don't use moderator.

What does a breeder reactor produce?

The purpose of a breeder reactor is to produce fissile fuel from non-fissile material. Thus plutonium can be bred from uranium238 which is the most common form of uranium but is not itself fissile. Another route is to breed Uranium 233 from thorium. Of course the breeder reactor would also produce electricity.

Difference between breeder reactors and nuclear reactors?

The nuclear reactor is different from the breeder reactor because it generates energy through fission. Historically, in order to be called a breeder, a reactor must be specifically designed to create more fissile material than it consumes. this is what I've looked up and been able to find

What is produced from uranium-238 in a breeder reactor?


What is a breeder reactor?

It is a type of nuclear fission reactor, which once started, can produce it's own fuel for continued operation.

What is UK 's first fast breeder reactor in Scotland called?

Dounreay PFR (Prototype Fast Reactor)

Why thorium is not used as fuel in nuclear reactors?

Thorium must be converted in a breeder reactor to Uranium-233, which can be used as reactor fuel.

What are feeder reactors?

Probable you think to a breeder reactor; this type of nuclear reactor produce more fissile material than it consumes.

What are macros what are its advantages and disadvantages?

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State the advantages and disadvantages of centralisation?

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What is done with the Pu 239 from a fast breeder reactor?

The idea is to use it for nuclear fuel in other reactors, this is why it is called a breeder process. Uranium-238 which is not fissile is converted to Pu-239 in the breeder reactor, but of course there is a chemical separation process to go through before the Pu is available.

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