What are the advantages and disadvantages of health policy?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Maintaining Pt Confidentiality Pts are more inclined to trust a person who keeps their confidence and seek them out for further health problems rather than not seek treatment for a condition because they don't feel that they can trust a health practitioner and are consequently alienated. A Disadvantage could be that sometimes you want to tell a teenager's parents about what is happening for that child so that they can support or protect them but you can't break their trust if you want them to keep coming to you. It's very hard as a Nurse (and an associate who works in an STD Lab has the same problem) when you know that someone has a condition but you must pretend not to know (sometimes even to them) even though you can see them hurting other people by not admitting it. Ie a friend who has HIV/AIDS who sleeps with people without protection or when it comes to your attention through your work that someone is having an affair behind your friend's back and you can't say anything. We must always uphold our profession's reputation and keeping other people's information confidential is just one way we go about this.