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The main advantages are that they don't spoil the appearance of the countryside and can't damage flying birds, and that they are protected from the weather. The main disadvantage is the much larger cost of installing them.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of underground transmission cables?
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Advantages and disadvantages of underground and overhead cables?

Overhead transmission lines are less expensive, in most cases, significantly less expensive, than underground cables. Underground transmission cables require insulation, cooling systems, and -the most expensive feature- excavation!

What is underground power transmission?

power cables under ground rather then overhead.

Disadvantages and advantages of submarine cables?

A. you can go under water. D. if they break you die.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wired connections?

Advantage: everything. Disadvantage: cables and less mobility.

What are the advantages of Murray loop test compared to Varley loop test?

Murry for long underground cables test but varley usually for short distance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of instrumentation amplifier?

Advantages:Even a small value of input voltage can be amplified using instrumentation amplifier.Disadvantages:For transmission purpose for long range, noise also gets superimposed along the original wave. Therefore specific cables are used to reduce noise.

What are transmission cables made of?

Transmission cables are made of conductors and insulating material covering that conductor.

What are the types of cables used for baseband and broadband transmission?

Twisted-pair cables Coaxial cables

Is aluminium used for underground cables?

yes and it good for this jop

Why aren't pylon cables buried underground?

because its to expensive.

Which is better the underground or overground cables?

overground x x

What is expected life span of high voltage underground cables?