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It is great for situations where you must train for dangerous situations or situations where you may put people's lives in jeopardy . If you die in Virtual Reality, you don't die in real life. So if you crash a plane, get killed by a criminal, or kill a patient, there won't be real life consequences. Such technology also helps to reduce the amount of cruelty in science, since you can just as easily dissect a virtual frog as you can a real one.

The disadvantages would be that things are not quite like the real situations and that they can only present scenarios that have been programmed into the system. This is partly why the best role-playing games still involve dice, a manual, and a deck of cards, since the situations and scenarios are endless when they come from real human interactions. To even come close to such possibilities, a computer would have to store tremendous amounts of data.

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  • What is Virtual Reality? -Simply put, VR is a computerized simulation of natural or imaginary reality. Often the user of VR is fully or partially immersed in the environment. Full immersion refers to someone using a machine to shield herself from the real world. Partial immersion happens when a person can manipulate a VR environment but isn't tucked or locked away in a machine. However, virtual reality doesn't necessarily have to be "full immersion" to be considered a true VR simulation. Games like Second Life on the PC and control devices like the Nintendo Wii remote are VR-based products. These items let users interact with a VR environment that is a computer simulation. These VR environments can be anything from a typical game, such as Super Mario Brothers, to a fully detailed city reconstitution or a fictional fantasy land. The only limit to a VR environment is the imagination and the resources that the creator has available.

Disadvantages -
  • The disadvantages of VR are numerous. The hardware needed to create a fully immersed VR experience is still cost prohibitive. The total cost of the machinery to create a VR system is still the same price as a new car, around $20,000. The technology for such an experience is still new and experimental. VR is becoming much more commonplace but programmers are still grappling with how to interact with virtual environments. The idea of escapism is common place among those that use VR environments and people often live in the virtual world instead of dealing with the real one. This happens even in the low quality and fairly hard to use VR environments that are online right now. One worry is that as VR environments become much higher quality and immersive, they will become attractive to those wishing to escape real life. Another concern is VR training. Training with a VR environment does not have the same consequences as training and working in the real world. This means that even if someone does well with simulated tasks in a VR environment, that person might not do well in the real world.

Advantages -
  • Although the disadvantages of VR are numerous, so are the advantages. Many different fields can use VR as a way to train students without actually putting anyone in harm's way. This includes the fields of medicine, law enforcement, architecture and aviation. VR also helps those that can't get out of the house experience a much fuller life. These patients can explore the world through virtual environments like Second Life, a VR community on the internet, exploring virtual cities as well as more fanciful environments like J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth. VR also helps patients recover from stroke and other injuries. Doctors are using VR to help reteach muscle movement such as walking and grabbing as well as smaller physical movements such as pointing. The doctors use the malleable computerized environments to increase or decrease the motion needed to grab or move an object. This also helps record exactly how quickly a patient is learning and recovering.

  • Another advantage of Virtual Reality is that it can be applied for positive purposes, such as Education. Whether it is a Virtual Reality tour of Museums or tours of college campuses (like those on, students can learn while also saving money on potentially-expensive trips. It's not every day that students can travel to places like Egypt, to see the pyramids, but now Virtual Reality can help bridge the gap, to help students see and learn more.
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Save money on office space and labor while maintaining a high level or professionalism. Disadvantages may be that it isn't scalable and the virtual office locations may be limited (should you ever need a place to meet with clients)

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Disadvantages of VLE:

  • Non technical teacher may have problem with using it
  • If internet in school is not working, you can't use VLE
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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality?
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