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What is an important part of cross cultural communication

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Q: What are the advantages of African communication system over modern communication?
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Whats are the advantages of satellite communication over the other communication system'?

advantages of satellite

What is African communication system?

African communication system is the means through which Africans use their own indigenous and original means to transmit ideas and information to one another on a daily basis

What are the advantages and disadvantages of noise in a communication system?

Harmfull Effect: the harmfull effect of noise in a communication system is the it weeks the strength of the massage single.

What is advantages for laser communication system?

The advantages of laser communication is that it allows very fast communication service between two or more devices than other modes of communications.It can provide speed more than 1GBps.So it overtakes the LAN or wireless LAN comprehensively

What was the first communication system in the world?

Possibly the "talking drums" which have been used by African tribes for centuries.

What are the advantages of distributed operating system?

Advantages of distributed operating system include: sharing of resources, reliability, communication and computation speedup. Distributed systems are potentially more reliable than a central system because if a system has only one instance of some critical component like CPU.

What is digital communication?

the communication of system which depends on numerical system

Why is computer system become a communication system?

it becomes communication system through networking......

What is Internal and external parts of aircraft with communication system?

communication system

What is important of communication explain with block diagram of communication system?

what is communication system explain with block diagram.

Advantages of centralized system over centralised system?

what is Centralized system Advantages ?

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