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A confederation is a loose association of sovereign states, which govern the entire confederation through consensus (usually, but not always, requiring unanimous consensus). It thus allows smaller groups to work together, while retaining a large degree of their independence on most issues.

A confederation means that smaller groups can band together on important issues (often collective security and economic policy), thus putting truth to the phrase "strength in numbers".

The current European Union is a confederation, in that it shares common decision-making on certain issues of economic policy and personal liberty, but leaves the constituent nations to pursue their own foreign policy.

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Q: What are the advantages of confederation?
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What were the advantages of the Articles of Confederation?

To ensure that America had freedom, and independence.

What advantages did Nova Scotia have in joining Confederation?

Because they are good by themselves

What are some advantages and disadvantages for new brunswick in joining Confederation?


Advantages and disadvantages of Canada West joining Confederation?

U get more ladies and yea

What is the suffix of confederation?

The Suffix Of ConfederationIs ation. Confederationation.

Advantages for PEI to join the confederation?

Advantages -Railroad debt would be paid off. -Finance a buy-out of the last of the colonies absentee landlords to free the island of leasehold tenure. -Year round ferry Service (Bridge)

What are Advantages for confederation?

Under the category of Newfoundland the Advantages of Confederation in the the 21st Century is controversial. Newfoundland and Labrador contribute more to confederation than they receive when it comes to money and resources. Canada does not provide military or border protection as both of these responsibilities have been integrated with the U.S. military and border services and since they are 10x the size of Canada they provide the majority of such services. It could be argued that Canada acts as an insurance policy and will provide for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador when their resources are no longer profitable. That would be an advantage.

What were advantages and disadvantages of Nova scotia if they did not join Confederation?

advantages - They would have a railway to help them -They would have a stronger defense because they can get reinforcements from other provinces -The free trade had ended in the U.S. and they could trade within canada NOT MANY DISADVANTAGES, TRUST ME

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it was because Canada east had more disadvantages, and wanted to have mroe advantages.

What were the advantages of why New Brunswick joining Confederation?

Becuase then they knew that they would get linked between Britain and the US, with the intercolonial railway. And they thought that the US would want to get more land by going up to new brunswick and taking over, so if they when with Canada and the confederation they would get support from Canada.

What year was Confederation?

Confederation was in the year 1867.

Was george brown for or against confederation?

he was for confederation.

Who started the confederation?

santa started the confederation

What is the antonym for confederation?

The antynom for confederation is an aliance

2 examples of a confederation?

can i have a examples of confederation

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he was for confederation.

What is the first article of confederation about?

the name of the confederation

Who started confederation?

santa started the confederation

How was confederation finally achieved?

Confederation was achieved as a result of long discussion and debate. Ultimately it was compromise that created the Confederation. That confederation has lasted almost 250 years.

What was one problem with the Articles of Confederation?

One of the major problems with the Articles of Confederation was the fact that the government had difficulty raising revenue. This made for a very weak central government.

Was John Hamilton Gray for or against Confederation?

for confederation

What did George brown think of the confederation why or why not?

he hated the confederation

Was P.E.I with or against the confederation?

Pei was against confederation....

Does South Africa have a confederation?

yes they have a confederation ?? It has a union.

Why did Winnipeg join Confederation?

Winnipeg did not join Confederation.