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The advantages of solar power generator are just too many and the foremost is it enables to produce solar power which is an inexhaustable source of power supply. The solar power generator stores the solar energy produced throughs olar panels to be used any time, during day or night even during cloudy days. Youdo not have to depend on fossil fuel which is costlier and diminishing everyday.

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Q: What are the advantages of having a solar power generator?
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Is generator used in nuclear or solar energy?

Generators are nearly always used for nuclear power, and sometimes used for solar power. In nuclear power plants, the reactor makes steam to run a generator. Much of solar produced electricity does not use a generator, but produces power through a photovoltaic effect. Concentrated solar can be used to make steam to run a generator.

What does a portable solar generator do?

A portable solar generator generates electricity for appliances using solar rays to power the appliances, which is possible due to photovoltaic cells.

Does anybody know where I can buy a solar generator?

You can buy a solar generator at Goal Zero or at their website. You can also build a solar power generator for under 300 dollars. The instructions are on the How Stuff Works website.

Does a freezer have BACK UP power?

No. Not unless you have a generator or solar.

What is a solar thermal power?

The power produced by the application of solar energy is called solar thermal power. It has solar collectors, concentrator, heat exchanger, turbine, generator, condenser unit

Do you know how to fix a home solar power generation?

To work on a solar power generator I would hire a professional. generator repair will vary depending on your location and what kind of repair is needed

How do I begin to look for a new solar power generator?

That's a good idea. has solar energy generators, and you can also buy online some solar power generator. Get one now for your instant energy.

What are the dis advantages of solar power?

you would not have to

What are the advantages of having a solar pannals?

less money

How do you build an energy efficient home?

solar power with a backup generator

Where can one buy a solar power generator?

If one is looking for a solar power generator you can try Northern Tool, Frontgate, and Solar Sphere. You may find someone local at Craigslist website or you may even check eBay.

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