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If one is looking for a solar power generator you can try Northern Tool, Frontgate, and Solar Sphere. You may find someone local at Craigslist website or you may even check eBay.

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Q: Where can one buy a solar power generator?
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How do I begin to look for a new solar power generator?

That's a good idea. has solar energy generators, and you can also buy online some solar power generator. Get one now for your instant energy.

Where can I get a solar powered generator?

You might be able to get a solar power gen at any home living store. It might cost any where from 800 dollars and up depending on the design. It also all depends who installs it you might get a discount

What are the operational costs of a home solar power generator compared to an electric power generator?

The operational cost of solar power generator is high as compared to that of electric one. Especially in a country like US there are some areas where sun heat is very less even in summer. The chips inside will have to be very costly ones.

What can reduce one needs for electricity energy?

A self sustaining generator or solar power or live without electricity but it's not for everybody.

Why we need to use generator?

An electrical generator is used to generate electrical energy. So anyone who needs electrical energy has to use a generator - or buy energy from someone else who has one.

Does a solar power generator store enough energy to supply power to an average house?

Some of the solor power generators are larger than others. Most of them will supply power for a few hours or days to an average house. Depending on the size of the solar power generator will determine whether or not it can store enough energy to supply power to an average house. Most likely if you get a very big one it will produce enough energy.

What is the difference between a commercial power generator and a regular power generator?

The difference between a commercial power generator and a regular power generator is that a commercial one is much expensive than the regular one. It's much better to purchase the regular generator if your not planning to use it for business purposes.

Where can I buy a diesel power generator?

I think you can buy a diesel generator at any of the places that you buy a gas one. Why do you prefer diesel over gas. Diesel would be harder to start in winter cause diesel fuel tends to gel when cold out.

What types of powered generator would be suitable for general use?

The type of power is electric be suitable but is not good for me ,the best is a gasoline generator . The best company to buy is caterpillar but is expensive .I don't buy one because in Canada is safe than other town. I don't have one but my cousin have one .If there a special I buy one.

Generator Power: A Flexible Solution for Off-Grid Power?

Powering one's off-grid home with solar or wind power is more eco-friendly than using a generator, but when it's cloudy out, the air is still, and the batteries are running low, nothing is better than having a generator ready to keep things running. A generator is always ready to go as long as you have the fuel to power it. By keeping one handy, you don't have to live your life according to the weather.

Where can one buy Generac generator parts?

One can buy Generac generator parts online and in stores. For online, one can buy them Electric Generators DIrect or Generac. For in stores, one can buy them at Home Depot or Sears.

What is wind fuel?

The wind fuel is one of the forms of renewable energy, in the process of creating wind fuel a generator connected to a propeller and which inturn is connected to a generator which generats power when the wind starts blowing. The power is then stored or relayed to a power plant where in it is stored and used in place of the regular power. Some other forms of renewable energy are Hydropower, Solar power.

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