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What are the advantages of not wearing underpants?



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there are Many Advantages for Males and Females

for Males:

  • when wearing shorts, if its hot out or you are sweating a lot, the sweat evaporates more quickly, versus boxers, or especially briefs were the sweats soaks into the underwear and smells, which can lead to rashes and other fungal infections.
  • the feeling of no underwear feels AMAZING.
  • you can change in or out of your clothes more quickly.
  • there can be a bulge if desired.
  • your sperm count will increase greatly, especially if you wore briefs.
  • when wearing loose clothing such as sweatpants or basketball shorts, the feeling of the fabric against you is incredible, and the free range of movement of your genitals also feels wonderful
  • you will learn to love the occasional breeze, especially when wearing shorts

For Females:

  • the same things with shorts or dresses, especially concerning the airing out of the genitals
  • you will learn to love the occasional breeze, especially when wearing shirts/dresses or shorts

there are of course some disadvantages though:

you have to make sure you wipe thoroughly after number 2, and for males, shake thoroughly after number 1.

when wearing skirts or dresses for females, there can always be a chance for exposure, like the wind blowing your skirt up, or showing your genitals when sitting.

or for males wearing loose clothing like sweats or basketball shorts, it can be quite obvious you are without underwear when walking.

but I think the advantages fairly outweigh the disadvantages....