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Satellite vs. Cable

Price... and that's about it.

you can she worldwide channels in sattelite tv.


Price, equipment, and programming differ between the two. Satellite tends to offer more channels, as well as most have Sirius Radio available. Dish Network has equipment that allows one box for two TV's, so that saves money. The website has a pretty good comparison. Also it compares two major satellite providers.

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Q: What are the advantages of satellite TV over cable TV?
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What are the advantages of satellite television compared to regular cable?

The only advantage that satellite internet has over cable, is that in certain locations where cable is unavailable, usually satellite will provide television services.

What are the advantages of satellite television over cable?

Satellite TV normally has a wider variety of programming options. You also will normally spend less per month for satellite tv.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of cable and satellite tv?

Cable and satellite TV can go out at anytime and have connection problems sometimes.

What are the advantages of satellite when it comes to cable vs satellite?

Satellite television has some advantages over cable because it is usually cheaper in cost. The activation fees are something you do not need to pay. It also offers more channels for sports and music than cable would.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages between cable and satellite TV?

Cable TV is more reliant and less costly. On the other hand, satellite often offers more channels.

What advantages does cable TV have over satelite TV?

Cable tv costs a lot less for basic packages. You don't have to buy any special equipment, although sometimes you do have to rent boxes. Cable gets better reception than satellite in bad weather, as satellite often gets disrupted a little.

What are the advantages of having satellite tv?

One advantage of satellite television is that more channels are available than on regular cable. Some say that the picture is more clear and that it can be less expensive than digital cable.

Is satellite television better than cable?

Satellite TV offers a lot of advantages to cable, especially for those in remote rural areas without cable access. Plus, there is less service down-time with satellite technology, and you can get equipment to service multiple sets. There are advantages to both. Usually one can get more channels for the price with satellite, but reception can be spottier in bad weather. Contracts and fees tend to be more stringent with satellite.

What is cheaper -- satellite TV or cable TV?

satellite, you can steal it... lol cable is probably

What advantages does cable have over satellite TV?

Some advantages of cable television service over satellite service are as follows: Cable service is normally underground or run to your home by wires, so when there is a bad storm or weather you will still receive a good signal.

Is cable TV cable the same as the cable for satellite dish cable?

Yes, the same shielded coax cable is used for satellite dish and cable.

Is satellite TV cable the same as cable TV cable?

satellite cables and TV cables are the same to a point. the difference in the too are is the TV cable a RG59 or a RG6 RG59 will not work with satellite because if the smaller center conductor with satellite it pushes power were it will end up destroying the center conductor RG6 witch is in newer homes is ideal for both satellite and cable RG11 is used with TV cable from usual the box / tap outside to houses usually running over 300 ft depending on the DB coming from the starting location

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