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Deionized water can be created from a mixed bed deionizer. These are sometimes rechargable beds obtained from a supply company like Culligan. They can also be recharged on site using sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. These are cation-anion exchange systems.

These systems were designed primarily for use where ultra-pure water was needed. Applications include pharmaceutical plants, medical facilities, dialysis centers, and other industrial applications where electronics are involved. In electronic applications the deionized water has no electrical conductuance (it's an insulator) so it can be used to indirectly cool electrical circuits without risk of causing a short.

There are some applications for deionized water in boiler work as well. Treated water has no minerals for scale formation and has very low dissolved gasses.

The disadvantage of deionized water is that it can be corrosive to some metals. Since it is deionized, it does not conduct--giving it the potential to allow galvanic corrosion in piping made of conducting metals. Additionally, switching from tap to DI water in a piping system can cause removal of scale--in older piping systems, that can cause the pipe to fail because the scale might be the only thing keeping it together. Stainless Steel or other piping with a passive oxide layer will be OK.

In home use it has seen increasing application for whole house water supplys to remove all taste and odor. It also removes toxins and oxidants and reducing agents. The water will have no taste and will not be a great thirst quencher. There are some medical benefits claimed to be associated with deionized water which "chelate" toxins and other "bad" things from the body.

Another advantage of deionized water which can be achieved with a softener is a reduction of the use of soap for clothes washing and dish washing.

I would not recommend deionized water for whole house use. Possibly specifically for certain applications but not the whole house.

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Q: What are the advantages of using deionized water?
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Which the highest conductivity between tap water and deionized water and why?

Tap Water has higher conductivity compared to deionized water since it has more mineral/ salts. Deionized water has less/ no minerals to conduct electrical current. One can experiment this in a your Water Fuel Cell using deionized water, tap water and water with salts like (KOH or NaOH) or sea water.Nitinwww.HydroxyGarage.comWater Fuel Technology is Here !!!

Is deionized water a mixture?

Pure, deionized water is a compound (H2O).

Is deionized water an element?

The deionized water is not an element, but it is a very pure water, without ions in solution.

Is it possible to purify water using distillation and filtration methods?

Yes. This is how water is purified to get distilled water and/or deionized water.

What is the benefits of using deionized water in pools?

there is none The benefits are claimed by the Ionization of water. For more info Follow the link below

What is the function of deionized water in determination of ash content?

Ash content is determined by calcination and deionized water is not necessary.

Can deionized water work?


When glucose mix with dis-odium hydrogen phosphate with deionized water what happen?

When glucose is mixed with dis-odium hydrogen phosphate with deionized water, there will be a chemical reaction. The deionized water acts as a catalyst to create the foaming that will occur.

What color does universal indicator turn in deionized water?

since water is pretty neutral, the water does not change color but the universal indicator does. The universal indicator changes color as per the quantity of deionized water... But it changes to straw color or pale yellow in 50mL of deionized water.

What is type of water used in refractometer?

Deionized, distilled water

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both are same

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it will rust