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The advantages of the United Airlines VISA card offered by CHASE include: free Travel Insurance, free medical and accidental insurance, auto rental insurance, and concierge service.

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Q: What are the advantages offered by the United Airlines VISA card offered by CHASE?
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Where can one apply for a United Airlines Credit Card?

Those who wish to apply for a United Airlines Credit Card may do so through the United Airlines website. The cards are issued through JP Morgan Chase bank.

A Chase credit card is provided by what bank?

Chase credit cards are offered by Chase Bank; however, Chase Bank is actually owned by JP Morgan Chase. So it is directly offered by Chase Bank, and indirectly offered by JP Morgan Chase.

What company offers the United Visa?

United Visa is offered by Chase bank. The program offers rewards for individuals who accumulate a lot of air miles. The details can be found on the official Chase website.

How does one procure a Chase United credit card?

One can procure a Chase Card card which is connected to United Airlines at the Chase website. The official name of the card is Mileage Explorer Plus. Applications for this credit card are often available in airport terminals too at special kiosks.

Where can one apply for a Southwest Airlines credit card?

You can apply for a Southwest Airlines credit card on the Southwest Airlines website. They also have a rewards credit card through Chase bank which you can apply for on the Chase homepage.

Is Chase United a church or is it a bank?

"Altough there is a Chase United church in Philadelphia, it is known as Fox Chase United Church. Chase United credit cards are more likely what you are referring to."

Where can one find information on United chase?

One can find information on the credit card issued by Chase Bank on behalf of United by calling United Airlines. Some of the perks for having one of the credit cards is being able to have your first bag fly free and you also get frequent flyer miles from the card.

What types of online services does Chase United offer?

Chase United offers many different types of online services. Chase offers online registering for their Chase cards. Chase offers rewards for the use of their card as well as online checking.

Where can one find Chase continental headquarters?

When looking on the internet one cannot find a business by the name of Chase Continental. The only thing one will find is the Chase Continental Mastercard, which is a joint card by Chase and Continental Airlines.

Where can people get information on Chase United?

You can go to your local Chase bank and inquire information about their United credit card. Or you can visit Chase's website and find a lot of information there too.

What is Chase's rate reduction program?

It is merely a retention program offered by Chase. You have to be in good standing with Chase. You must have received an overnight FedEx package from Chase. The opportunity is good, but shop around to compare.

What are the different types of Chase credit cards?

There are many different types of Chase credit cards. These include the Chase Freedom card, the Chase Slate card and the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. The cards differ in the types of rewards offered.

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