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DDR Memory is sometimes sold in pairs, for those setting up dual channel systems.

Dual Channelling sorta like setting up a RAID array of RAM.

Note that RAM labelled as being dual channel isn't any different then regular RAM its just two sticks of the same size.

that's all :)

Some memory used in dual channel boards do not behave well when paired with other brands sometimes they do not even behave well when paired even with same brand and model. Paired DDR RAM assures the user that it has been tested by the manufacturer to behave well.

The modules aren't just the same size; they are also the same speed and latency rating. Typically the chips are the same production batch and that increases the likelihood that the paired modules will work approximately at the same speed, therefore being detected (and usable) as dual-channel.It's like a cross-country trip with two cars - if car A is a performance car driven by an aggressive driver and car B is an econobox driven by a little old lady, then A can go no faster than B if both are to arrive at the same destination at the same time. If B is too slow, A may just sit and wait at the destination for a few days - you've essentially dropped into single channel mode performance, and the bios will usually detect this significant of a difference and not allow dual-channel mode.

second answer is not correct, it does not matter who makes the ram chip, it all works correctly together, but buying dual channel set is cheaper, what im about to write is where 2nd answer is *confused* at. If you have 2 ram chips same size but diffrent speeds say one is 555 and the other is 667 then the one that is higher has to lower its performance to match the 555, which takes away from the available ram on the computer. thus buying dual channel kits saves you both money and lets you keep the amount of ram you have installed, i currently have 4 gigs installed, 4 1gig sticks, 2 are 555's 1 is 667 and the other is 800, which after matching the 555's i have 3.25 available.

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Q: What are the advantages to buying DDR RAM in packaged pairs?
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