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The goat is the ancestor of the goat and many other hooved animals.

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Q: What are the ancestors of the domestic goat?
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What is the common name for a goat?

domestic goat

How long can a domestic goat live?

A domestic goat in captivity usually lives about 15 years.

What is a scentific name for goat?

The domestic goat is "Capra hircus".

What is the species of a domestic goat?

Here are a few: *Alpine Goat *Beetal Goat *Golden Guernsey * Dairy goat

What is an aegagrus?

An aegagrus is another name for a wild goat, an ancestor of the domestic goat.

What is the zoological name for a goat?

The domestic goat is a subspecies of Capra aegagrus, which means "goat wild-goat" in Latin and Latinized Greek.

What does the domestic goat eat?

food pellets

Goat is wild animal or domestic animal?

Some breeds are domestic, and some are partially domestic, but no breeds are fully domestic.

What is the zoological classification of goat?

The zoological classification of a goat is Capra hirius. A domestic goat is a subspecies of the wild goat and is classified as Capra aegagrus hircus.

Who are the ancestors of dogs?

Domestic dogs were domesticated from wolves.

Who were the ancestors of cows?

The Aurochs were the ancestors of domestic cows. They were a type of wild cattle who are now extinct.

The taxonomic name for a goat?

The Taxonamic name for a domestic goat is Capra aegagrus hircus. The taxonomic name for a goat is :Capra hircus.

What is a latin name for goat?

If it's a male goat, caper or hircus. If it's a she-goat, capra.The domestic goat's scientific name is Capra aegagrus hircus.

What meat does a goat produce?

Goat meat, meat from the domestic goat, is often called chevon or mutton when the meat comes from an adult goat, and cabrito, capretto, or kid when from a young goat.

Similarities between a wild goat and a domestic goat?

They look and act pretty well the same as the other.

Capra Hircus is the scientific name for which domestic animal?


Is a fainting goat an endangered species?

No.Domestic animals are not classified as under any level of endangerment. The fainting goat is just a breed of domestic goat.

What is the scientific name of Indian domestic goat horn?

"Capra aegagrus hircus". The goat is from Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.

Are goats real?

Very definitely. The goat has been domesticated for thousands of years. There are living goat breeds produced for meat, wool and milk, as well as wild goats. These wild goats are similar to the ancestors of domestic goats. They are very tough, will eat anything and can survive with very little food and water.

Which word is used for goat in Indian languages?

The Lakota language had no native word meaning a domestic goat, since there was no such animal in their country before white settlers brought them - then the Lakotas used the same word that means pronghorn antelope or prairie antelope: tatokala.In Kalispel (Flathead) a domestic he-goat is Łomenĕlchsh'in. This is again a word applied after the Flatheads first saw domestic goats - it really means a male mountain sheep.In Navajo the word for a domestic goat is tł'izi - this really refers to the wild mountain goat.

Why is the domestic dog species is canines?

Because wolves are there ancestors and wolves are canines

What is an ibex cross goat?

it is a type of goat Ibex are wild goats characterized by long, slightly curving horns. There are several varieties. An ibex cross is a cross between an ibex and a domestic goat such as a Spanish goat.

What is the scientific name of goats or sheep?

The Domestic Goat is Capra aegagrus hircus. The Domestic Sheep is Ovis Aries.You also hear echoes of these Latin names in the astrological symbols of Capricorn, the goat, and Aries, the ram.

What is the the domestic cats native habitat?

Domestic cats are the decedents of their wild ancestors so their native habitat is where the ancestor lived.

How much money did Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire gross domestically?

Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire grossed $277,233 in the domestic market.