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What are the ancient tombs of Egyptian kings called?


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The pyramids were built as ancient tombs of Egyptian kings.

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The ancient tombs of Egyptian kings were pyramids. Egyptian pharaohs were first mummified, then put in a sarcophagus (a thing like a coffin) and then the more important pharaohs were buried in the center of the pyramids.

Mummies, Pharoes, basically the kings and queens of ancient Egypt

It was a location for tombs of Egyptian kings.

Pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt as tombs, or burial places, for Egyptian pharaohs, or kings.

The site of many of the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs is known as the Valley of the Kings. From the 16th to 11th centuries BC, Pharaohs were buried in this place. There are at least 63 tombs in the valley.

It was called the Village of the Robbers because it supposively housed robbers of ancient Egyptian tombs.

The answer is for the built kings and pharaohs.Someone important and for loyalty. They were built because people had nothing better to do but makes tombs for the dead who they think with there dumb minds that they are going to another world

Egyptian art is found in pyramids and tombs

Valley of the Kings, the burial site of Egyptian rulers from 1550 to 1070 BC, is located a few kilometers west of the Nile River opposite the city of Luxor in Egypt."Necropolis" is the answer for the Ancient Egyptian packet.

Items were placed in the ancient Egyptian tombs because they were obsessed with the afterlife so they put things they thought will help them in the afterlife. From Toys to weapons.

Mostly Tombs or Pyramids, as well as mortuary temples. Tombs were underground, Pyramids were above ground pyramids, and the mortuary temples contained the Pharaoh in a sarcophagus above ground as well. The very early tombs are called mastabas !@#$%^&*()

Most were built as tombs for the country's and their consorts during the old and middle kingdom periodsAll were made for kings tombs. It was an honor to help make the tombs since it was for the kings.

They are buried in their cofins wich are in their tombs wich are in their pyramids!!!!!!

These tombs were called pyramids

It depends on what period the tomb was built. Some Pharaohs built Pyramids to act as tombs. Some built elaborate multi-chambered tombs into the cliffs in the Valley of the Kings.

they buried them in pyramids or special tombs some tombs were hidden underground.

in ancient Egyptian tombs during the 1500-1600s...

They buried them in sarchogus in tombs in the necropolis.

they are used for tombs for the kings and wealthy

Pharaoh,They were considered the embodiment of God on Earth. They were buried after elaborate ceremony and embalming in tombs.

Tombs are the most important for the afterlife. The put the person's favorite things in iy

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