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Applications of Computer networking are : 1) E-mail 2) FTP 3) Telnet 4) Groupware

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What are some short term courses related to computer field?

Computer Applications, Ethics in Computing, Computer Networking, Visual Basic, Programming, Hardware Basics

What relative merits of OSI and TCP IP models in the context of modern computer networking?

Modularization created in form of Layers in OSI and TCP/IP models in modern computer networking enables development of Applications at different layers.This further opens the world of development based on Applications, Protocols, Networks andPhysical channels.

What are the Application of matrices in computer science engineering?

Applications of matrices : display of screen, memory in RAM and i hard disk, in networking field

In Computer Networking what is an interface?

In computer networking, an interface is that platform provided between a network and a computer.


Computer networking is when 2 or more computers are connected together.

Programming language used in computer networking?

java is the language used in computer networking.

How do you become someone who does computer networking?

To become someone who does computer networking you need get CCNA certification.

What does a computer applications specialist do?

Specialize computer applications.

What is compumter neworking and the basic step of computer of networking?

What is compumter neworking and the basic step of computer of networking?

What are some features of the OpManager computer networking software?

OpManager deals in software that assists companies in their networking and leveraging needs. They offer a stand by system in case of failure of the main one. They can also troubleshoot in the case of poor applications.

How is the computer useful?

The computer is useful for many things such as getting information, as you are right now. Plus talking to friends(Social networking). Makes peoples jobs a lot faster and easier by tying, and all the applications available on your computer!

What are applications of computer networking?

1) Exchange of information 2) Ability to Share Files, Data and Information 3) Sharing Hardware 4) Sharing Software

What does networking mean?

Networking (for the purposes of computing) is the linking of two or more machines for the purpose of data transfer. You can use networking to share resources on one computer to anouther. For more detailed information on computer networking, try to phrase a question like: How does computer networking work? Hope this helps! === ===

Computer networking engnieer salary?

networking engnieer salary list

Does the Sony Ericsson k300i phone have social networking?

Yes, the Sony Ericsson k300i does come with Social Networking applications. Some of the leading applications include RockeTalk , Facebook, and fring.

What are application of computer in networking?

Computer act as end devices between whom the communication is established by networking process.

How we can sharing in computer networking?

Using FTP, TELNET, SNMP, SMTP etc we can share resources in computer networking.

What is the average earning for jobs in Maryland in Computer Networking?

Jobs in Maryland for Computer Networking salary can differ. Depending on what the specific job in Computer Networking is, the average job in Maryland can be between $50,000 to $150,000.

Use of computer networking?

use of computer network

What is the difference between computer programming and networking?

Computer Programming also referred to as "Software Engineering" or "Software Development" is the development of software as it would suggest. Examples of software are the Operating system e.g Windows Xp and Applications e.g Mircosoft Office. In very simple terms computer programming is making programs. Computer Networking is the practice of connecting computer systems together basically. The biggest example of networking is the internet. It is also mainly hardware oriented and involves using devices such as switches, hub and routers.

What are the Applications of hybrid computer?

what are the Applications of hybrid computer

What connector is most commonly used to support dial-up networking?

RJ-45 modular plugs for Local Area Network (LAN) and computer applications

How do you do computer networking?

Working on a system does not require any networking but when we talk about a no. of computer systems communicating with each other then there comes need of computer networking that enables communication between a number of autonomous systems in a network.

Is it only computer can be used in networking?

No, a no. of networking elements are used in networking. some of the networking elements are : routers, switches, cables, servers etc

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