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Earnings depend on what degree you have, where your degree is from, and the job you are applying for. For example: I have a masters degree in education teaching at an elementary school. The masters gets me about 10,000 a year more than a bachelor degree, but it is only about 40,000 if I had a masters in a business or administration field I might be able to make over $100,000 per year.

== Educational credentials help to a certain extent. In the book, Patterns of Extraordinary Careers, I read that employers hire you for your potential right out of school. There, you get experience. In your 30s they hire you for your experiences and talents in the field. Later, you harvest the credibility you received by fulfilling your potential and the scope of your experience. Some of us, me included, obtain a degree that doesn't match their talents and so don't really cash out. Others, like Bill Gates, go a different route. However you learn what you need, at some point what you do with it is what counts.

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Q: What are the average earnings based on education?
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What kind of job makes 50000?

Millwrights Annual average earnings: $50,040*Mechanical engineering technicians Annual average earnings: $50,070Industrial engineering technicians Annual average earnings: $50,130Vocational education teachers, middle school Annual average earnings: $50,150Food service managers Annual average earnings: $50,400Vocational education teachers, postsecondary Annual average earnings: $51,020Dietitians and nutritionists Annual average earnings: $51,540Pile-driver operators Annual average earnings: $51,650Aircraft mechanics and service technicians Annual average earnings: $51,960Court reporters Annual average earnings: $52,150Chemical plant and system operators Annual average earnings: $52,160Construction and building inspectors Annual average earnings: $52,240Elementary school teachers, except special education Annual average earnings: $52,550Lodging managers Annual average earnings: $52,570Middle school teachers, except special and vocational education Annual average earnings: $52,650Police and sheriff's patrol officers Annual average earnings: $52,950Forensic science technicians Annual average earnings: $52,970Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school Annual average earnings: $53,090Tax examiners, collectors, and revenue agents Annual average earnings: $53,100Boilermakers Annual average earnings: $53,110Sound engineering technicians Annual average earnings: $53,150Respiratory therapists Annual average earnings: $53,170Advertising sales agents Annual average earnings: $53,230Radiologic technologists and technicians Annual average earnings: $53,410Appraisers and assessors of real estate Annual average earnings: $53,460Educational, vocational, and school counselors Annual average earnings: $53,540Vocational education teachers, secondary school Annual average earnings: $53,760Employment, recruitment, and placement specialists Annual average earnings: $53,960Insurance appraisers, auto damage Annual average earnings: $53,990Electrical and electronic engineering technicians Annual average earnings: $54,050Medical and clinical laboratory technologists Annual average earnings: $54,120Real estate sales agents Annual average earnings: $54,700Librarians Annual average earnings: $54,750Training and development specialists Annual average earnings: $54,840Music directors and composers Annual average earnings: $54,840Special education teachers, secondary school Annual average earnings: $55,140Surveyors Annual average earnings: $56,030Property, real estate, and community association managers Annual average earnings: $56,280Aerospace engineering and operations technicians Annual average earnings: $56,560Engineering technicians, except drafters, all other Annual average earnings: $56,660Legal support workers Annual average earnings: $57,060Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists Annual average earnings: $57,080Editors Annual average earnings: $57,300Claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators Annual average earnings: $57,630Funeral directors Annual average earnings: $58,820Public relations specialists Annual average earnings: $59,030Sales representatives, services Annual average earnings: $59,150Transportation inspectors Annual average earnings: $59,650Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators Annual average earnings: $59,780Instructional coordinators Annual average earnings: $59,830

The Average index of monthly earnings are indexed?

the average index of monthly earnings

How much money does an occupational therapist assistant make in California?

The average earnings of an occupational therapist assistant in California falls between $30,000 to $60,000. Earnings depend on education history and professional experience.

What are the average earnings of a professional seo?

This depends on the individual role within the agency. Specialists can average $45,000+ in salary earnings, while a Vice President can make as much as $350,000+ in earnings. The earnings also vary from region to region, for example, in the United States versus other countries the earnings tend to be on a higher average.

What is earnings credit term?

Earnings Credit is a type of credit offered by the financial institution to its customers, based on the average balance maintained in their accounts. Earnings Credit is a Soft Dollar Credit and is used to offset various charges in an invoice. Earnings Credit is never offered directly to the customer, but is always adjusted against the customer's charges.

When do earnings become so dependent on education?

it nevern did and if you think it did then your lost

Earnings for a professional golfer?

The average earnings for PGA, Senior PGA, and LPGA are $265339, $328916, and $91340

How much money does a criminal justice investigator earn?

According to experts, the average earnings for criminal justice investigators is $45,000. Salary depends on education background and job experience.

Average earnings for football players in England?


What is a lawyers average earnings?

over 40,000 million

What is grading in education?

Grading in education refers to scoring documents to determine what answers are correct. Based on performance, students receive a grade point average.

A CD that has earnings based on the stock market is?

Indexed CD

How are unemployment payments determined?

They are based upon your previous earnings.

What will workers compensation pay for actual loss of earnings?

In most states the rate is 66.2/3 % based on your last month's earnings.

How much money does a video producer make?

The average yearly salary for a video producer is $55,000. The earnings of a video producer can vary widely based on experience and success.

What is the average income of a Swedish person?

2010 Average monthly earnings for men is 37500 2010 Average monthly earnings for women is 29700 (SEK) about 31% of this is taken in taxes before it is paid to the wage earners

What has the author Marion G Anema written?

Marion G. Anema has written: 'Competency-based nursing education' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Competency-based education, Methods, Nursing, Nursing Education, Competency-Based Education 'Competency-based nursing education' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Competency-based education, Methods, Nursing, Nursing Education, Competency-Based Education

The average earnings for an basktball coach?

i dont know the anwser

What was the average earnings of a American worker in 1900?

About 10 cents

What is the average earnings for a world famous singer?


What is the average yearly wage of a heart surgeon?

Visit for info based on area, expertise, education, etc.

What kind of jobs earn 50 dollars an hour?

1. Computer and information scientist What they do: Computer scientists research everything from computer algorithms to programming languages and software properties. The goal of computer science varies, but objectives may include: improving the ease of computer use, expanding computer functionality and developing artificial intelligence. Education: Most have a Ph.D.* Average hourly earnings: $50.66* 2. Pharmacist What they do: Pharmacists work in hospitals, drugstores and outpatient facilities. They dispense patient medication, ensure proper dosage, analyze possible drug interactions and provide information to patients. Education: Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) Average hourly earnings: $51.27 3. Construction foreman/superintendent What they do: These professionals oversee residential and commercial construction sites. They manage construction workers and coordinate project timelines and budgets. Education: On-the-job experience; bachelor's degree preferred, but not necessary Average hourly earnings: $50.14 4. Funeral director and embalmer What they do: Funeral directors make plans for church services, wakes and burials. The embalming portion of the job title involves cleaning and sanitizing the body, and preparing it for burial. Education: Licensing, two-year education program and apprenticeship required Average hourly earnings: $52.47 5. Marketing manager What they do: Marketing managers help direct a company's advertising, promotional and sales strategies, with the goal of improving the company's reputation and increasing its revenue. Education: Bachelor's degree in business, communications, advertising or public relations. Average hourly earnings: $50.81 6. Financial aid officer What they do: Financial aid officers direct disbursement of student scholarships, loans and grants, with the goal of making school more affordable for students. Education: Bachelor's degree usually required. Average hourly earnings: $52.59 7. Securities trader What they do: Securities traders typically work at investment banks, managing securities such as stocks, bonds, futures and options for individual and institutional investors Education: Most securities traders hold a bachelor's degree in finance or other business concentration. Often, securities traders must pass financial certification exams such as the Series 7 and Series 63 tests. Average hourly earnings: $50.79 8. Behavioral psychologist What they do: Behavioral psychologists study and treat emotional and behavioral issues by helping patients change their perceptions and behaviors, often through therapy. Education: A doctoral degree is required to practice as a psychologist Average hourly earnings: $50.36 9. Adult day care director What they do: Adult day care directors manage day-to-day operations of the facility. Responsibilities may include overseeing employees and budgets, developing relationships with attendees and their families and planning activities. Education: High school diploma required; bachelor's degree preferred. Average hourly earnings: $50.64 10. Seismologist What they do: Seismologists study, report on and predict earthquakes and seismic waves. Education: An undergraduate degree in physics or geology is enough to get a foot in the door, though many seismologists have master's or doctoral degrees. Average hourly earnings: $50.43 11. Judge What they do: Judges preside over trials and hearings in local, state or federal courtrooms. Education: Because almost all judges get their start as lawyers, law school is the most common educational path for judges. Average hourly earnings: $49.99 12. Physicist What they do: Physicists study the physical world, with emphasis on the properties and laws of nature such as mass, gravity, inertia and the composition of matter. Physicists may also apply their findings practically, and develop new medical instruments and engineering technologies, for example. Education: Though entry-level positions can be found with a bachelor's degree, most physicists have a Ph.D. Average hourly earnings: $51.76 13. Human resources managers What they do: HR managers interview and hire workers, mediate employee complaints and act as information sources for employees. Education: Bachelor's degree Average hourly earnings: $50.73 14. General and operations managers What they do: General managers are responsible for the overall operation of venues such as amusements parks, restaurants and hotels. They oversee things such as employees, guest relations, budgets, marketing and purchasing. Education: High school diploma; bachelor's degree preferred. Average hourly earnings: $53.15 15. Co-pilot What they do: A co-pilot serves as one part of the two-part team that makes up an airplane cockpit crew. In-flight duties are usually shared between the more experienced pilot, also called the captain, and the less experienced co-pilot, also referred to as the first officer. Education: High school diploma, pilot's license. Average hourly earnings: $52.45 * Salary and education information from and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salary info from based on average earnings in Chicago. All salary information reflects pre-tax earnings. and Licensed Massage Therapists

How to calculate price-earnings ratio?

It is easy to calculate a price to earnings ratio, simply divide the stock price by the annual earnings per share. Earnings per share is calculated by dividing the earnings by the number of outstanding shares in the company. P/E ratios come in two types, trailing and estimated. Trailing P/E ratios are based on the most recent earnings of the company. Estimated P/E ratios are based on the future anticipated earnings of the company. These estimates are usually forecast by financial analysts that cover the stock.

What has the author Keith Hinchliffe written?

Keith Hinchliffe has written: 'Project planning in the educational sector in less developed countries' 'The Kaduna textile workers' 'The monetary and non-monetary returns to education in Africa' 'Education, individual earnings and earnings distribution'

What are the earnings of an interior designer?

The earnings of an interior designer ranges from a mean average of $24,000 to $70,000. The average that an interior designer receives has increased over the years, the approximate this year is $54,000. [2009]

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