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I would insist upon references - both job references (to verify a steady income) and also previous rental experience. You can get a world of info. from the previous landlord. A steady job history will help to ensure that you receive steady rental income. If you are living nearby, or if their are children in the area, you may want to have a criminal background check run. These can usually be obtained at the local school district office for a nominal fee (by renter having fingerprint taken). Of course you want to know if they can come up with whatever deposit (s) you require. If an older apt. or building and you are unsure of the lead content on windows, door frames, etc., you may not want to rent to families with young children due to exposure of lead risk (and consequent very costly repairs to you). You must have some sort of contract or lease to protect yourself - these do not need to be prepared by a lawyer, and can be found at libraries or on the net. You must realize too that the risk of renting is that you have all of the repairs/maintenance expense and that should be factored into the monthly rent. Likewise utility bills should be entirely out of your name and the responsibility of the tenant (or built into the rent).

2006-09-01 17:17:17
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Is it legal for an apartment to cash your security deposit before you get approved?

Probably. I mean, if I were renting an apartment to someone, I'd want to make sure their checks clear before I let them move in.

Do landlords verify employment before renting an apartment?

They can. It's up to them.

What information do landlords have to verify before renting out an apartment?

What a landlord verifies is completely up to the landlord

What should I know before renting a New York apartment?

Knowing the area is the most important factor in choosing a place. Make sure you are in a place yoyu feel comfortable and safe.

Can a foreclosure affect renting an apartment?

No, not unless the landlord requires a credit check before moving in. Many cases, they will still rent to you because renting is less risky than buying a home.

Is it difficult to rent an apartment in the US if you've never lived there before so for example if you are from another country but have secured a job within the US?

Renting an apartment in the U.S. can be difficult if you do not have established credit, as most apartment complexes will run a credit check. A possible solution might be to check for a private individual renting a house, (or part of a house), on a free classified listing page, such as Craigslist

Do all college kids rent apartments?

No, all college kids do not rent apartments. Some of them live in dormitories on the college campus for a time before later renting an apartment.

What would be the advantage of hiring the services of a home inspector before renting a house?

When renting a house from an rental agency, an inspection is not needed because the houses are already. When renting from someone else, an inspection may find issues that can affect your ability to stay there like mold.

Do you need to sign a lease agreement form when getting an apartment?

Signing a lease agreement form is up to the person renting an apartment, not the renter. Before signing, a potential renter should understand the terms of the agreement. A good lease offers pretection to both parties.

What websites can you use for renting a vehicle before and after a cruise?

See the Link of the site in Related Links below. Renting a vehicle before and after a cruise.

What question should you ask a landlord before renting?

if it's an apartment or duplex, find out if any of the neighbors smoke... i moved into an apartment and the neighbor downstairs and next door smoked. the smell came through the walls and my entire apartment smelled like an ashtray. find out when rent is due dogs are ok gas or electic smokers how long have they owned the house

What should I know before renting a carpet shampooer?

Before renting a carpet shampooer you should know what kind of chemicals the one you are renting takes. You should also be sure to read the fine print of the contract to make sure you know what you are paying for and what to expect from the machine that you are renting.

What is the purpose of TenantCheck?

A Tenant Check or Tenant Screening is a check initiated by a landlord or property owner before renting an apartment, room or house. The outcome will determine if the future tenants are able to afford the rent. It is also possible to find out if the tenants had any bad records before.

Apartment For One?

There are many pros and cons of apartment living that must carefully be examined before making the decision to rent an apartment. For many, the decision is a no-brainer. Apartment rentals are not for everyone though so before becoming locked in to a year long lease agreement, it is best to consider such factors as needs, expense and location. For single, childless individuals who don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of mowing the yard, shoveling the snow or replacing appliances, renting an apartment is by far the best option. In most instances, unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement, the landlord is responsible for the general maintenance and landscaping of the apartment. Replacement of appliances, plumbing issues or flooring or roofing problems fall under the landlord’s expense as well. The expense of renting an apartment is significantly less than puchasing a home as well. The building owner is responsible for all property taxes. In many instances, the property owner takes on other property fees, such as trash disposal or water usage. Again, these terms are typically dictated by a lease agreement. Moving becomes much easier when renting an apartment as well. Issues that present to home buyers, such as inspections, realtors and securing a mortgage, disappear. Typically, for an apartment rental, the first month’s rent and one month’s security deposit are all that is required for move in, making apartment living less financially stressful than purchasing property. Another thing to consider regarding apartment renting is the type of facility that best suits the renter’s needs. Options range from an inidividually rented duplex where the owner may be residing below the renter to large apartment complexes, with onsite maintenance and even fitness facilities and swimming pools. Some apartments may be rented already furnished, further saving the renter costly decorating expenses. Agreements for apartment rentals are typically flexible as well and typically range from a few months at a time to a year or longer. This gives the renter a greater mobility than a property owner as well. As indicated, there are many reasons to consider renting an apartment. The choices are practically limitless.

Can you get back your whole security deposit if you cancel the lease 2 weeks before you take possession of the apartment?

Only if the landlord rents it to someone else.

What should I know before renting apartments in NY?

If you mean NYC, you should know what neighborhood youre moving into it and if it's safe. That you have a decent landlord that lives locally or else nothing will ever get fixed. That if you have a stoop, chances are you'll have a "friend" living on it. There are rats everywhere, even in newer apartments. Beware of bedbugs. Make sure your apartment is by the subway. Make sure you have a job before renting, it's not always easy to find a new one.

What are the important parameters to consider before a studio apartment search ?

You should focus on location, monthly costs, what services are provided like internet, cable, electricity. A detailed search can help you find an apartment with all the criterias you decide on.

Are satellite dishes allowed in most apartment complexes?

Given the prevalence of satellite dishes these days, many apartment complexes will allow for them. However, if having a satellite dish is important to you, be sure to check with your potential landlord before signing a lease.

Is it a law to be shown an apartment before leasing?

If we overview the any daily needs of product before purchase. Likewise this is basic need to see the apartment before lease. It is slightly said to be bill.

Renting a Van for Vacation?

Before renting your van for the vacation, it is important that you book the best deal available. Remember that the Internet is your friend when it comes to saving money. You should figure out how much the van rental is going to cost you and your family so that you can compare deals to find the best one for your trip.

Renting a Local Apartment?

Calculating the amount you'll be paying for rent is one way to avoid debt and financial issues. One major problem that people often face is that they rent apartments or homes that are too expensive for their budget. It's true that you need to live somewhere that makes you and your family comfortable, but you should never have to suffer financially because of your new home. By doing all of your own research and calculating the lease that you'll be attached to, you can avoid debt that is related to your monthly rent. The best way to avoid renting an expensive apartment is to simply find one that is not pricey. This takes a lot of diligent research and patience on your part. Rushing into renting an apartment may be necessary in emergency situations, but it is always best to take your time and find an apartment that suits your needs. You want to first make sure the area you're renting in is suited to your needs and then you'll want to look at the amount you'll be spending if you choose to rent the apartment. You can use a free rental calculator online to determine how much rent you'll be paying each month or even every year. Keep in mind that there are many apartments and rental homes available in your area. Even if you're currently living in a small town, there is a chance that a nearby city is filled with affordable apartments that would be perfect for you, your family and your lifestyle. You should look around at these apartments and go to look at them before actually renting them. Look at what is included in the rental, like utilities and garbage pick-up. These are things that are going to help you save money by ensuring that you do not need to pay for these bills each month. The more that is included in your rent, the less expensive the apartment is going to cost you in the long run. Doing your homework before deciding on an apartment is essential and the Internet can help you find exactly what you need in a local apartment.

Can your landlord require as a condition of renting an apartment to you a security deposit the first month's rent and the last month's rent?

In some States, yes, in others, no. Check out state and city landlord-tenant laws before you sign a lease and tender a check for such a large amount.

How can you find an apartment in Austin Texas for felons?

Apartment Locator's will help. You may have to call several before you find one who will work with someone with a record. They know the apartments that will accept felons and other records. . There may be an extra charge for a surety bond at the apt. complex.

What should I know before renting medical supplies?

You should understand the total cost of renting including needed parts or supplies. Also understand the terms of the rental agreement.

Renting Apartment Condos?

Apartment condos can be a great option for people that want extra amenities and an apartment style of housing option. Apartment condos can also be great rental pieces of property for owners looking to make a profit on an investment property. There are many reasons to consider renting an apartment condo if you are looking to rent a housing unit. In a city, an apartment condo can afford one much more space than a typical apartment. In addition, there are other sorts of perks that often come with renting an apartment condo. This article will discuss the positive benefits of renting an apartment condo. Apartment condos often feature tighter security than typical condo communities or apartment buildings. This is one of the major attractions for apartment condos. The people who want to live in apartment condo communities are typically very successful individuals or serious graduate school students. Some elderly people also choose to live in apartment condo communities for the great security. Living in an apartment condo can make a person always feel secure in his or her own home. One never has to worry that strange individuals are walking around the condo complex, because of the tight security surrounding it. Other people choose to live in apartment condo complexes for the perks that come along with such living situations. The best condo complexes feature an on site grocery store and deli. Having a deli on site is very convenient for busy professionals that need to grab something quick to eat. Or, some people love simply stopping in every morning to grab a cup of coffee before heading off to work. Other amenities to look for in a condo complex building are swimming pools, fitness centers, and indoor volleyball courts. It is quite amazing to see how condo complexes are beginning to meet the needs of tenants. There are new sorts of amenities being built every day in these complexes. Another popular type of amenity is featuring tanning beds on site for the use of tenants. You would be surprised by how many guys absolutely love having this feature on site! Overall, apartment condos are a great rental possibility for people.