What are the basic principles on which a computer works?

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On the basis of working principle computer are classified in to three types Ana log computer.
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Explain the basic principle of working of radio?

Radio is the transmission of signals, by modulation of electromagnetic waves with frequencies below those of visible light. Electromagnetic radiation travels by means of oscillating electromagnetic fields that pass through the air and the vacuum of space.

What are the basic principles of electricity?

Firstly, Electricity is the movement of electrons (Or positive "holes") Some basic principles of electricity: -Opposite electrical charges always attract each other, and Like electrical charges always repel. -An INSULATOR is any material that inhibits (stops) the flow of electrons (elect ( Full Answer )

What is the basic working principle of air conditioner?

Air-conditioning Basics An air conditioner is basically a refrigerator without the insulated box. It uses the evaporation of a refrigerant , like Freon, to provide cooling. The mechanics of the Freon evaporation cycle are the same in a refrigerator as in an air conditioner. According to the ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles of a good computer operating system?

All operating systems manage system resources. Depending on the environment that the Operating System will work in (e.g. will it work in a lab or an office?) the way the user interacts with it is important. A graphical user interface (GUI) is much better than a Command Line Interface (CLI) for ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of compressor?

Air compressors collect and store air in a pressurized tank, and use pistons and valves to achieve the appropriate pressure levels within an air storage tank that is attached to the motorized unit. There are a few different types of piston compressors that can deliver even air pressures to the user. ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of impedance?

Scroll down to related links and look at "Interconnection of two units" and find the impedance picture of amplifier and loudspeaker or microphone and amplifier.. Learn about "voltage bridging" - Zout < Zin.

What is basic principle of hplc?

The separation behind HPLC is based on the polarity of the compounds. {Polarity refers to : the greater the difference in electron affinity i.e. electronegativity between atoms in a covalent bond, the more polar the bond.partial negative charges are found on the most electronegative atoms, the oth ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles in report writing?

Objectivity, analysis, and research are among the basic principlesin report writing. In order to have an effective report, you musthave a thesis, a body, and a conclusion.

What are the basic principles of accounting?

The basic accounting principles is that the accounting transactionsshould be recorded in the accounting periods Second importantprinciple is record all the expenses and liabilities as soon asthey occur.

What are the basic principles of management?

The basic priniciples of Management are : Planning Organizing Leading Controlling The basic priniciples of Management are : Planning Organizing Leading Controlling

Classification of computer according to working principle?

On the basis of working principle computer are classified in to three types Ana log computer, Digital computer, and hybrid computer. Ana log computer measures continuous type of data and uses a physicalquantity like electric current, voltage, temperature, etc. to present and process the data. It rep ( Full Answer )

What are the working principles of a computer?

In reality a computer is an electronic calculating, storage and display device that can only calculate answers or store information using 1's and 0's (Ones and Zeroes) and no other numbers! That is the reason behind the RAM-sizes, 1024, 2048 etc... But computer system designers are quite clever at c ( Full Answer )

What is a basic principle?

Basic principles are ideologies that guide a school of thought or for that matter an entire institution.These are laid down by thinkers or the heads of an institution.It can be called a charter that helps anything to work with the help of the bylaws that are set.

What basic working principle of AC generator?

The basic principle of ac generator is electromagnetic induction when a coil of a conductor moves in a magnetic field the electrons in it starts moving because of attraction and repulsion of magnetic field. Thus, an emf is induced in it.

Explain basic working principle of LCD with diagram?

Placing liquid crystals between two surfaces that are smooth grooves. Smooth grooves on the surface make an angle of 90o a (perpendicular) with smooth grooves on another surface. If the molecules are arranged on one surface from north to south and one molecule on the other surface leads from west to ( Full Answer )

What are the basic structures of computers and its working?

A computer is an electronic machine that takes some input, does some calculation on that input and produces an output.. Inputs are programs (sets of instructions to do things) and data (the objects that get manipualted by the programs). Physical inputs (like key presses, mouse clicks and so on) get ( Full Answer )

What basic principles of computer maintenance?

defrag then back up all your files so that if theirs unwanted thing happen your files it was save,also transfer the file in external hard drives,remove the application that not use.

Basic working principle of diesel engine?

The Basic principle is verysimilar to a petrol/gasoline engine. The standard 4 stroke diesel has 4 parts cycles. In the induction stroke when the piston is going down and the inlet valve is open air is sucked in (in a turbo engine blown in). At the bottom of the stroke both valves are shut and the p ( Full Answer )

Explain basic working principle of LCD?

A liquid crystal display ( LCD ) is a thin, flat panel used for electronically displaying information such as text, images, and moving pictures. Its uses include monitors for computers, televisions, instrument panels, and other devices ranging from aircraft cockpit displays, to every-day consumer ( Full Answer )

List 3 basic principles of computer maintenance?

Computer maintenance can divided between hardware and softwarevectors. The principals of software maintenance are updates(firmware, operating system, application) and data security(encryption, cache clearing, secure deletion). The principals ofhardware include monitoring peripherals, maintaining coo ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle on which power amplifier works?

power amplifier works on the principle that by any means we have to increase the area of amplifier so that maximum amount of current flow from the device without any damage to the device. so we use non planar technology. i.e. all terminals of the device are not at same plane. sudhanshu kumar ece ( Full Answer )

How your computer works so fast What is the principle or process behind it?

well if you mean how does your computer work so fast..... the proces is mostly in the CPU/ aka the central procesing unit. tipes of CPU's 1 the Pentium and 2 the core duo. the core duo is called core duo for a reason. the duo CPU works twice as fast as the pentiun. theres many tipes of brands of CPU ( Full Answer )

Which is basic principle of marxism?

Marxism is based on three key principles 1) materialist interpretation of history - discusses how history isa product of struggles between the social classes 2) critique of capitalism: an economic minority (bourgeoisie)control and manipulate the economic majority (working class) 3) adovcacy of pr ( Full Answer )

What is the main principle a computer works on?

computer works principle on binary number(machine code ,'0' & '1') manage file and your records and perform many other task in other areas such as educational, financial ,administration,multimedia etc..

What are the principle of basic cooking?

•Cooking can be defined as the transfer of energy from a heat source to a food. •Energy alters the food's molecular structure, changes its texture, flavor, aroma, and appearance. •When food is cooked, the process destroys microorganisms and makes food easier to ingest and digest.

What is the basic principle of quantum physics?

The basic principle of Quantum Physics is uncertainty. This is at the core of the Uncertainty Principle, Superposition of States, and Quantum Tunneling and Entanglement. Energy can occur only in discrete levels. This 'quantization' is determined by plank's constant 6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of microwave spectroscopy?

atoms vibrate at particular frequencies, depending on their energy. If the energy of a particular atom has a vibration frequency in the microwave domain then you can know it's energy by measuring it's frequency by, Energy = plank's constant (times) frequency => E=h*f In spectroscopy matter interac ( Full Answer )

What is the basic working principle of control valves?

air is introduced from top opening of valve . this air will deflect diaphragm that causes a motion and this motion move down the stem with the help of spring.the stem is connected to plug that will control the liquid flow.

What are the basic principle of the Treaty of Ghent?

The Treaty of Ghent was signed in the city at the old Carthusian monastery of Meerhem on 24th December 1814 . The Treaty put a formal end to the state of war that had existed between Great Britain and the United States of America since 1812. The Treaty of Ghent was subsequently ratified by US P ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of digital television?

Digital television is simply the process of broadcasting a digital signal, instead of an analog one. This results in better sound and picture quality, as well as increased coverage.

What are basic principle of a series circuit?

The same current passes through all the devices, and the sum of the potential differences across the devices is equal to the terminal potential difference across the power supply.

What is the basic parts of computer explain with their works?

Case - The shell around the components. Motherboard - Where everything hooks in like the ram and cpu. PSU - Supply's power to the motherboard which then get supplied to the components. CPU - The main computer component that computers all the information to be displayed. RAM - Stores what you are wo ( Full Answer )

What principle computer works?

computer works principle on binary number(machine code ,'0' & '1') manage file and your records and perform many other task in other areas such as educational, financial ,administration,multimedia etc.

What is the basic radio principle?

The basic radio principle is: -- Electromagnetic waves at a desired wavelength can be generated and radiated, easily, cheaply, and continuously. -- Information can be added to the electromagnetic waves, easily and cheaply. -- The electromagnetic waves can be detected, reliably, easily, an ( Full Answer )

What is basic principle of rader?

The basic principles of RADAR are . . . -- When radio waves encounter any change in the physical properties of the medium through which they're moving, some of their energy is reflected from the boundary. -- The part of the energy that reflects back in the direction from which it came can be detec ( Full Answer )

What are some basic ergonomic principles to improve workers' computer health and safety?

There are several simple ways to avoid injuries and hazards. These include the height of the monitor and reducing the glare from the screen. A comfortable chair with a slightly reclining and movable back placed at arms' length from the monitor with arms kept in a relaxed position close to the sides ( Full Answer )