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What are the basic tenets of Protestantism?

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Very basically, Protestantism (coming from the Latin word

protestari to protest) refers to religions formed after the

Reformation during sixteenth century Europe. These groups rejected

the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, beginning with Henry

VIII, and his daughter Elizabeth, I in the sixteenth century. The

Roman Catholic Church had also fallen into gross corruption.

Protestants believe that the Bible is their only source of

authority and inspiration, unlike the Roman Catholic Church, The

Eastern Rite Religions and other Orthodox religions who believe

that their tradition of belief is equal to the Bible. They also

reject the notion of "Apostolic Succession" which is the belief of

the Roman Catholic Church eg. the pope is the direct descendent of

Saint Peter who is believed by them, to have been by appointed by

Jesus. The sacramental nature of the clergy is also rejected by

Protestants. This means that any person who enters the ranks of the

clergy does so by the laying on of hands by the higher clergy who

are believed to be descended from Jesus' apostles.

Other religious groups to form following the Reformation are

Lutheranism, Methodism, the Baptist church, Presbyterianism and


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