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Criminal defense and insurance defense.

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Q: What are the basic types of defense attorneys?
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What are two types of attorneys in a trial?

1. Prosecutor 2. Defense

Are there attorneys who specialize in arson cases?

As with all types of criminal cases, there are indeed attorneys that specialize in arson cases. Of course, these are defense attorneys as prosecutors are employed by the government to handle these cases.

Are defense attorneys expensive?

Defense Attorneys can be very expensive. But of course there are attorneys that do not charge anything unless they win your case. And there are public defenders that a court can appoint to you if you can not afford an attorney.

Who do most defense attorneys work for?


Who where the attorneys for the defense in the Boston massacre?

Shyla Stylez

Why would defense attorneys like plea bargaining?

defense attorneys would opt for a plea bargain when the defendant is obviously guilty and a plea would lighten sentencing.

What two types of attorneys in a trial?

In a criminal trial they would be the defense attorney and the prosecutor. In a civil trial they would be the plaintiff's attorney and the defendant's attorney.

What are the three types of international visits under the Department of Defense (DoD) policy?

What are the three basic types of international visits

What are the different types of attorneys?

There are many different attorneys such as: International Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Employment Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, and Social Security Attorneys. For a complete list check the government website.

How much do defense attorneys get paid?

They make about $200,000 a year.

Why do attorneys represent defendants?

All defendants are entitled to a presumption of innocence and a defense against their charges. Some defense attorneys are motivated by the ideals of the law, some do it for money - some do it for both.

Is forensic science accurate?

As accurate as is possible. However, that does not stop defense attorneys from challenging such evidence as part of their defense strategy.

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