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Q: What are the behavior patterns in the wild for horses?
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What is a wild horses behavior?

wild horses are shy animals and need to be approached with caution.

What is a define feral horse?

A feral horse is a free-roaming horse of domesticated ancestry. As such, a feral horse is not a wild animal in the sense of an animal without domesticated ancestors. However, some populations of feral horses are managed as wildlife, and these horses often are popularly called "wild" horses. Feral horses are descended from domestic horses that strayed, escaped, or were deliberately released into the wild and remained to survive and reproduce there. Away from humans, over time, these animals' patterns of behavior revert to behavior more closely resembling that of wild horses. Some horses that live in a feral condition but may be occasionally handled or managed by humans, particularly if privately owned, are referred to as "semi-feral."

When was Wild Horses - Wild Horses album - created?

Wild Horses - Wild Horses album - was created in 1980.

When was Patterns of Sexual Behavior created?

Patterns of Sexual Behavior was created in 1951.

Where in the wild are horses born?

Anywhere that feral horses, or wild horses live.

What are the behavior patterns of a horse?

a horse has many behavior patterns it can have any feeling u as a person can have

Are there wild horses in Ireland?

yes there are. there are wild horses everywhere.

Are there wild horses in England?

Yes there are wild horses in England.

Are horses found in the wild?

Horses are found out in the wild because indians catch them in the wild and I see the horses in the wild all the time, NahaleighSchuster

Where are wild horses tamed?

Some wild horses are tamed as people re introduce them into the wild as other wild horses just are free

Are there any wild horses in the wild?

Yes. In both North & South America there are horses that live in the wild. These are however feral horses (domestic horses that have escaped and reverted to the wild state) rather than native wild horses. The only true wild horse are Przewalski's horses in Mongolia. These are wild horses that were reestablished from zoo stock then released.

Where do other wild horses live?

wild horses live in the wild everywhere in the world

Why do horses have patterns?

its somethig that they just have

Are there still wild horses around?

There are wild horses in the new forest.

Do they have wild horses at the little rock zoo?

They wouldn't be wild horses then.

Are wild horses prey?

To my knowledge nothing attacks horses in the wild.

Do wild horses live in Russia?

Wild horses can be anywhere.Including Russia.

Wild horses in north American are not actually wild what are they?

wild horses are called "mustangs" and yes, they a re wild

How are wild horses born?

from the wild

How did the Spaniards get horses?

Probably the Spaniards captured wild horses. Probably the Spaniards captured wild horses.

What are female horses that are wild called?

Female horses are called mares. Wild horses are generally Mustangs.

Do komodo dragons eat wild horses?

In southeast asia and india, there are no wild horses. Komodo dragons don't eat wild horses.

What is a collective noun for wild horses?

The collective noun for wild horses is a herd of horses.

Are there wild horses on Jungle isle?

Yes there are wild horses on jungle isle.

How many Horses are left in the wild?

around 30,000 horses are left in the wild