What are the benefits of using a tripod with wedding photography?


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The benefits of using a tripod with wedding Photography include less shakiness and clearer pictures, both desirable elements when taking wedding photos.

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The photography equipment you need may depend on your level of experience. Amateur photographers may feel more comfortable just using a digital camera and then graduating to a digital camera with manual focus. Later they may incorporate interchangeable lenses, a tripod, even photo lights. Professional photographers will have a few types of cameras, lights, lenses, and at least one tripod for different types of photography. If you're interested in photography, visit Photo 4 Less at for more information on the supplies you will need to get started.

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you can mount any camera with a tripod just make sure that it has the capacity to hold the weight of your camera(if using a DSLR)

If you are using the equipment correctly, the tripod should not be getting too hot. Once you are finished with the other equipment, take the gauze mat (which you should have been using) off with a pair of tongs. The tripod should be cool enough for you to pick it up by holding the bottom of two legs without burning yourself. Remember: don't move the tripod with anything still resting on it or a burner still going. Turn the burner off, remove the pieces on the tripod/gauze with appropriate safety gear, then move the tripod.

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