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Q: What are the benefits that businesses got from being on second life?
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How do you adopt kids on Second life the Game?

By visiting one of the many adoption businesses in Second Life. If you pull up search in Second Life and search for adoption, you will find many places to do this.

Benefits of being multicellular?

The benefits of being multicelular are: Bigger Size, Bigger appetite, and Longer life.

What are the benefits of being a vet?

Knowing a Horses life is in your hands and that YOU saved their life.

What are the benefits of being a Equine Vet?

Knowing a Horses life is in your hands and that YOU saved their life.

What are three benefits of being multicellular?

What are the three benefits of Having Many Cells, you ask? Three benefits of being multicellular are: larger size, longer life, and specialization of cells.

What is health and family life?

It means being healthy and being more active, that benefits your family life. It makes it happier and stronger :)

What are the benefits of life skills?

Being able to stay alive.

Who receives the benefits in a situation with a second to die life insurance policy?

The children or heirs of the deceased will receive the benefits in a situation including a second to die insurance policy. It is also goes by the terms "Dual Life Insurance" and "Survivor-ship Insurance".

What are the benefits of being physically fit?

you can live a very long life with out a lot of heath problems

What benefits does being a lawyer offer?

being a lawyer offers you a life of serving others problems. by jimmie mccrary

What happens if you lie about your age on second life?

Lying about age on Second Life can result in the account being suspended and possibly deleted.

How many second life games are there?

There are two public Second Life platforms: Second Life for adults over the age of 18 Teen Second Life ( for teens ages 13-17. There are other versions of the Second Life platform out there for various businesses, educational institutes, governmental agencies, etc, but these platforms are closed to the public and require special access. The Second Life teen grid was closed in January 2011 and is no longer available.

How does yosemite help the communities?

Yosemite helps the community by helping people understand the importance of nature while also generating revenue for businesses along the road to Yosemite. Other benefits of Yosemite include the plant life, animal life, and things-to-be-discovered being preserved and protected within the park to help naturalists and scientists learn and make new discoveries.

What are the benefits of burial life insurance?

There are a few possible benefits of burial life insurance. Some of the advantages include there being no age restrictions as there are on many life insurance policies. The cost is low as it only covers one's burial and funeral costs.

What are the benefits of being an orthodontist?

Orthodontists are well payed professionals that have a good life ahead of them k?

Is there life benefits in mixed martial arts?

All of the same benefits of being physically fit in addition to being able to defend yourself if attacked and regularly doing a hobby that makes you practice a type of strategic thinking.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle?

Some benefits of a lifestyle are having a good physique and being athletic and capable. Another important benefit is the chance to live a longer life.

What are the benefits for being a senator?

Free Healthcare for life; free travel; guaranteed retirement, Free Parking :)

What order does man belong to?

2nd or 3rd, 1st being insects, second being marine life.

Where is the short second life of Bree tanner being sold?

The Short Second life of bree tanner is being sold at Target Wal- Mart, Barnes n noble, Krogers and Books a million. Pretty much everywhere

What are the benefits of being bilingual?

Communicate with a lot more people. Improve your chances to have a better job and life style.

The benefits of being a former president?

Former Presidents get a pension, an allowance for an office, and Secret Service protection for life.

What are the benefits of being in an orchestra?

some of the benefits of being in an orchestra are: expressing yourself, doing better in school, scholarships, life skills, higher graduation percentages, higher state test scores, helps the right side of the brain...

What are the benefits of not doing drugs?

well probably not ever getting the psychotropic feling and being an outkast! The benefits of not doing "DRUGS" is a healthy , happy and much longer life than the ones who do.

If life is enigmatic then is the saying life's simplicities only a formality?

The second half of the saying is talking about what's necessary to survive. Life being enigmatic is referring to the many aspects of being alive and living.

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