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I would have to say spiritomb because nothing is super effective on it. p.s spritomb is not a legendary,but some people say he is


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That's a matter of opinion(myne is Giratina)

there are many legendary Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold, but the best is HO-OH

Best non-legendary water pokemon would be Gyarados. Best legendary water pokemon is Kyogre.

The best legendary is Deoxys and the best non legendary is Metagross

Dialga in Diamond. Palkia in Pearl. Giritina in Platinum. Zekrom in White and Reshiram in Black.

cave map is the best place to find legendary

Zekrom is the best electric legendary Pokemon period. Its not a opinion, its a dead fact.

well that depends if your looking for the best legendary Pokemon. best Legendary: Groudon is a really good Pokemon when it learns fichse. but id have to say groudon is the best

Generally the Ultra Ball is the best Poke Ball besides the Master Ball. Dusk Balls however tend to be better than Ultra Balls for Legendary Pokemon. This is because Dusk Balls have a higher catch rate than Ultra Balls in caves and most Legendary Pokemon are found in caves.

You need a grass type, a fire type, a water type, an ice type, your legendary and a ghost or dark pokemon.

The best legendary fire type is ho-oh. The best non-legendary fire type Pokemon is charizard.

The best non legendary Pokemon, or the best Pokemon in general, is a matter of opinion that depends on your prefered type. Ask anyone and they will give you a different answer. However, the non legendary Pokemon with the highest attack is rampardos, who is not in emerald.

Diamond is not a Pokemon but i think Arceus is one of the strongest Pokemon ever.

There is no proven best Pokemon. Most Pokemon have their strengths and weaknesses. But there is no best.

I personally think that the best Pokemon in Pokemon black is Reshiram because he is the legendary!

IT would HAVE to be Zekrom the legendary pokemon

the best Pokemon on diamond would be arceus but you can only get that from action replay, other than that i think the best Pokemon would be giritina..

if you mean "best" as in, with really high stats, then slaking takes the lead with arcanine following a close second. (Though there have been some discussions on whether arcanine is a legendary or not....they're pretty easy to get though)

suicune is top legendary dog just play Pokemon crystal and you'll see.

Well there is no such thing as the best legendary, everybody has his own tastes. The higher leveled legendary you find here is Mewtwo.

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