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Choose things that show a balanced personality. For instance, pick both a sport and a cerebral activity: reading and swimming, cycling and writing short stories. Gardening is a good one, because you can spin it to emphasis positive attributes, like a caring, nuturing personality, perseverance and skill at long term planning. Crosswords are a good one if the job involves problem solving. Team sports are good if the job involves working closely with others. Amateur dramatics are good if the job involves public relations. Never mention a hobby that you have no experience in, it will inevitably turn out to be the interviewer's big passion. It's okay to exagerate how often you do stuff though.

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Q: What are the best answers when interviewers ask about your hobbies and extra curricular activities?
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Try to engage the prospective candidate in a conversation and try to understand his/her interests. In the flow of the discussion, the candidate will start revealing their true self and start exposing their hobbies/interests. In the due course of conversation if you feel the person was involved in a number a co-curricular/ extracurricular activities apart from the routine/ mandatory work that they do... then there is a cue for the interviewers which suggests that they would be a good time manager as they have managed many things successfully in their past and would sure do that in future too..

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