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That's not really possible to answer, as web browsing doesn't require particularly powerful hardware.

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A DVD can only use the top surface for data

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Q: What are the best computer parts for web browsing?
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What is mean by computer browsing?

It means to search the web I frequently computer browse

What are some examples of computer application software?

Web browsing

What are the steps in browsing the web?

enumerate the steps in browsing the web

Main functions of a web browsing software?

Browsing the web.

what is the difference between cloud computing and web hosting?

Computer browsing is browsing and displaying pages on the internet while Web browsing is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

What is a common name for browsing the internet?

"Surfing the web" or "web browsing" or "Google it"

What is iBryte desktop?

worthless program that wastes space and memory of your computer and says it help web browsing

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this web site is junk

What do computer programmers use tracking logs for?

Computer programmers use tracking logs (also known as tracking cookies) for tracking a user's internet web browsing. Tracking logs are small bits of data that are stored in our computer when browsing the internet.

Do you need to hide when browsing the web?

Only if you're browsing porn.

What is a computer used for?

You name it, it can be done on a computer. Listening to music, watching movies, creating websites, browsing the web. All can be done with the click of a mouse.

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The best way to find the cheapest Web site to order computer parts from is by going to a site that allows you to compare the prices side-by-side. A number of sites allow you to do this, such as, which allows you to compare the prices of specific computer parts on different web sites. Two popular sites that are well-known for selling computer parts cheaply are and

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