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The best way to promote music is to use the internet. Afterall, the Internet connects all parts of the world together, right?

One can use social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to spread their music around like wildfire. The most reliable way is to create multiple accounts that act as one and looks uniform. (For example, if a band's name was "Strawberry Fields", they would have a Facebook page, Twitter account and Youtube account all named something along the lines of "Strawberry Fields" so they are easier to find.) Once all the accounts are made, create links to each social media account so navigation is easier. If using Twitter, follow random people to spread word around that you music worth listening to.

There are also websites made for sharing music like ReverbNation and Bandcamp.

Livestreaming is also a very good method. Websites, like YouNow, offer free streaming tools. There, musicians can perform live to viewers all over the world and send viewers to social media sites (mentioned above).

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Q: What are the best ideas for promoting music?
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