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What are the best rock songs?

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The best rock song is stairway to heaven. It has a famous solo. It is also famous because its hard to mix myth with rock. If you play a part around you can see a different meaning. It is played by one of the best Guitarists jimmy page and sung by one of the greatest rock and roll vocalist Robert plant. The song turns around the more it plays the harder in rock the song gets.

I have to disagree. Stairway to Heaven is a lullabye. Don't get me wrong, Zep is a legend. But I'm 13 and I am in love with aerosmith, acdc, guns n roses, billy squier, and many more. Have you noticed that people that listen to my kinda music are in love with it?

2014-01-15 17:50:17
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Best alternative rock songs?

The songs by Moderatto. (Mexican alternative rock band) x But the very best alternative rock songs are by the band that started Alternative Rock in 1965, the Velvet Underground.

What is the best rock love song?

Some say one of the best love songs is "Faithfully" by Steve Perry of Journey. This ballad and others like it are among the best love songs in rock history.

What are Kevin Rudolf's best songs?

i made it and let it rock

What are the best rock songs of 2010?

meet me half way

What are some good rock apology songs?

Sorry by Buckcherry one of the best apology songs EVER!

What is the best Mexican rock?

You can find the best Mexican rock from Ricky Martin. His best songs are La Bomba and Lola, Lola. They are the best! Wait till you here it!

What are the best karaoke songs?

The best karaoke songs are the ones that the most people can sing and/or relate to. Typically classic rock songs top the list followed closely to well-known love songs.

What are the best songs?

I personally love old rock. Listen to that stuff.

What is better rock band or band hero?

Band hero is the best because it has the best songs!!!!

Which traditional christmas songs have been performed as rock songs?

The traditional christmas songs that have been performed as rock songs are 'Jingle Bells' and 'Diamond Ring'. The rock versions of these songs are enjoyable.

What kind of information does the stafaband website offer?

Stafaband is a music website, that offers information about bands. From the Stafaband website one could find song lyrics, song lists such as Best rock ballads, best rock songs, best love songs etc.

What is the coolest rock band?

Maroon 5! They're the best, and all their songs are ill!

What are the best rock band and rock band 2 songs?

for rock band 2 i like shaklers revenge and painkiller for rock band 1 i like foreplay/longtime.

When was Punk Rock Songs created?

Punk Rock Songs was created in 1994.

What are some of the best bass songs rap and rock actual songs not Bass Mekanic and that stuff?

ballin'-jeezy ft. lil Wayne

Are the beatles a rock and roll band?

It depends on your definition of rock and roll. Most of their songs are considered rock songs, however some are considered pop songs.It depends on your definition of "Rock Band". Most of the Beatles songs were either considered pop or rock.

What are the best ac dc songs?

My favorites are: - Let there be rock - It's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock 'n' roll) - The jack - Shoot to thrill - Jailbreak PS, all of their songs are epic!

How many songs are in rock band 2?

84 songs are in Rock Band 2.

Were most Rock and Roll songs instrumentals?

No, most Rock and Roll songs were vocals.

Why does Led Zeppelin rock?


How many songs has the band Green Day made and what are they?

they are a punk rock band and have been voted best punk rock band for 13 years they have made around 150 songs total great sentence!

What is rihanna's favourite music?

Obviously, Rock music since most of her Songs are Rock songs!

What are the good rock songs?

There is A band Named Scorpions! They had many rock songs go listen to it

When was Songs in the Key of Rock created?

Songs in the Key of Rock was created on 2003-06-09.

How many songs have green day covered?

A lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have been voted the best punk rock group for years in a row!!!!!!!!!!!! They still are voted best punk rock group and in about 2 years they will proably be voted best pink rock group of all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!