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What are the best rock songs?

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2014-01-15 17:50:17

The best rock song is stairway to heaven. It has a famous solo.

It is also famous because its hard to mix myth with rock. If you

play a part around you can see a different meaning. It is played by

one of the best guitarists jimmy page and sung by one of the

greatest rock and roll vocalist Robert plant. The song turns around

the more it plays the harder in rock the song gets.

I have to disagree. Stairway to Heaven is a lullabye. Don't get

me wrong, Zep is a legend. But I'm 13 and I am in love with

aerosmith, acdc, guns n roses, billy squier, and many more. Have

you noticed that people that listen to my kinda music are in love

with it?

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