What are the best settings for a tattoo machine?

Set for liner

short stroke and run about 6.5v don't need a lot of volts as not using a lot of needles.

set the gap to 1.25mm this is done by depressing the armature bar down and screwing the contact screw until you get the 1.25mm gap between the tip of the contact screw and the front spring.

dime= 1.25mm gap for liner set up

nickel= 1.85mm gap for shading set up

Set for shader

Many tattoo power supply output 0-15 voltages, as a general rule, shaders use less voltage than liners. There is no standard voltage for all tattoo machines, each artist has different desire for comfortable tattooing. The best way to find how much to be set is practice after knowing some basic rules. And becareful to start the machine at 3V, and adjust it under 6-9 V while working.