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Q: What are the best virtual worlds right now?
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Who is the worlds best soccer player right now?

mario gomez

Where can you find some virtual worldS?

inside of trying to find them ill give you them. um i have a list of 38 virtual worlds but i dont have it with me right now so sorry but when i do ill answer you is one

What is the best weapon in adventure quest worlds right now?

For non members the piston driven polarm.

What are virtual worlds like star doll?

sorry again georgie i don't now what i talk

Is a safe website?

Yes it is, I go on stardoll and so do all of my friends in school-in fact i got on 26 virtual worlds! Stardoll is a virtual world I think and it is very safe dont worry,you should make a player on it right now!

Is there any virtual worlds for kids 10 and up?

i don't no exactly how old u have to b but here are some websites thats all i no right now u don't have to download these have fun

Is there a way to create and enter a virtual world?

what technology is out right now that can actualy create a virtual world, and you can enter it, and if it is how much is it?

Do you now any Pokemon virtual worlds and if you do what are they?

Yes their are a few that I know and there is a website were you can play Pokemon crystal and red and all the older games like that and its called and some virtual worlds are Pokemon lake my favorite Pokemon indego and Pokemon valcano

What is the worlds population in billion right now?

I think its about 6.5 billion or above.

When will Kirby super star be on the north American virtual console?

Right now yay

What is the best company to use for call routing?

the best routing system seems to be virtual pbx right now. they do all of your needs , they track and send calls to diffeent locations not just one.

The most significant characteristic of human race is the ability to communicate. Discuss?

This is true but due to covid 19 a lot of things are virtual right now.

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