What are the biggest stars in the galaxy?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What are the biggest stars in the galaxy?
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Is the sun is one of the biggest stars in the galaxy?

yes, one of the biggest

What describes giant stars?

the word super massive stars is the category name for the biggest stars in the galaxy

How many stars are in our galaxy approximately?

There are approximately 200 to 400 billion stars in our galaxy. Milky Way is one of the biggest known galaxies.

Why are stars in your galaxy?

A galaxy is by a definition a group of stars. If there were no stars it could not be a galaxy.

At what galaxy are stars?

Every galaxy contains stars, if that's what you mean. "Galaxy" means "big bunch of stars". No stars ===> no galaxy.

Which galaxy has no blue stars?

Elliptical Galaxy The Elliptical Galaxy has mostly old stars and blue stars are new stars.

What is the name of milky way's twin galaxy?

andrometa. it is the biggest galaxy near the milky way it is the same age same shape but has many more stars

Which one is the biggest the planetary system or galaxy?

A galaxy is far larger. A planetary system involves one or more planets revolving around a single star. A Galaxy consists of billions of stars.

What is biggest galaxy?

the biggest galaxy is IC 1101. 5.5 million light years in diameter and hosting 100 trillion stars it is moe than 50 times the size of the milky way and 2,000 times as massive

Why has your galaxy got stars?

If it didn't have stars it wouldn't be a galaxy

Is the earths sun the biggest star?

The Sun is classified as a medium to medium-small yellow star. As stars in our galaxy go, the Sun is, truthfully, about as ordinary as stars get - but it does the job!

What is the circular collection of stars?

The answer is Galaxy. a circular collection of stars is a galaxy