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Not many..A loan is not closed until it has funded..Apparently in your case, you are not dealing with an aboveboard lender or mortgage broker..Unless you do what the lender wants, you will not get the loan..Remember..He/She who has the $$$ makes the rules..After a home loan has closed, a lender can ask you to help correct documentation, but can not change the terms of the transaction.

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Q: What are the borrower's rights when a lender is requesting additional new documentation on the fourth day after the closing and has not funded the loan?
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What documents are needed at closing?

Your bank or title company will provide the loan documents. You should have your social security card, drivers license, or passport and any other documentation they ask for, like paycheck stubs and so on. The lender or title company will let you know prior to closing, or you can call them and ask before leaving for the office.

When is it a good time to refinance a mortgage?

When you can't afford to pay it off. Specifically, borrowers have to consider the costs to apply for a new loan (the points, including appraisal and closing costs), the monthly savings from lower payments, and the length of time they intend to stay in that home.

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As a buyer you can help to expedite the transaction by keeping contingency periods to a minimum, and by promptly supplying all necessary documentation that your lender requests thereby avoiding the need to ask for extensions.

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Can a bank give a mortgage commitment for a purchase of a home if the title to the home is not cleared?

Most banks will give potential borrowers a loan commitment, even if the title is not clear because the banks reserve the right to deny final approval and funding of the loan if the title is not cleared by the time of the closing. A loan commitment does not mean much else than that the bank is willing to lend money to the borrowers based on their credit history and financial status -- not that the home is ready to be transferred and the bank will participate in it.

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New Mexico Dry Unless the net loan funds necessary to complete a purchase of real property have been previously delivered to the seller or to the closing agent, a lender shall deliver the required net loan funds within two business days of the time that the lender deems the closing agent has fulfilled the requirements of the closing agent's duties, except for the recordation of documents, and shall: 1. authorize the closing agent to record with the county clerk all documents necessary to complete the real estate transaction and release the proceeds of the real estate transaction in accordance with agreed upon escrow instructions; 2. advise the closing agent of any funding conditions, as set forth in the lender's escrow instructions, that have not been satisfied and instruct the closing agent in writing what is to be done with any of the lender's funds held in escrow; or 3. advise the closing agent that the documentation for the real estate transaction does not satisfy the lender's escrow instructions, specify the manner in which that documentation does not satisfy those instructions and instruct the closing agent in writing what is to be done with any of the lender's funds held in escrow. "Net loan funds" means the mortgage loan amounts specified in the note and mortgage less lender-retained fees, as specified in the lender's instruction to the closing agent.

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