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The main brands of disposable diapers include Huggies, Pampers and Luvs. However, there are other store-brand names that have come out of the mix which now include Parents Choice (which is sold in Walmart stores).

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Q: What are the brands of diapers?
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What are some top brands for baby diapers?

GetDyper. has mastered diapers! Their bamboo diapers are softer to the touch and smooth to the skin, which is exactly what your baby deserves. These diapers are twice the absorbency as traditional diapers and hypoallergenic & antibacterial. ht tps://

How absorbent are huggies diapers?

Huggie diapers are very aborbent, especially the overnight diapers. But however, when they are compared to Pampers Premium, pampers have the best absorbency then other brands of diapers.

Can I stack coupons for diapers?

You can find coupons for many brands of diapers online and in print. You can also save money by buying diapers in bulk or from online wholesalers.

where can I get good diapers for my baby?

There are many brands of diapers to choose from these days. Many parents prefer to use Huggies diaper or Pampers if they are using disposable diapers.

Do all brand of diapers absorb the same amount of liquid?

no not all brands of diapers absorb the same amount of liquid

What are common brands of cloth diapers?

Some of the most well-known and common brands that offer cloth diapers include: bumGenius, Happy Heinys, GroVia, FuzziBuns, Kissaluvs, Econobum, and Thirsties.

Why do diapers brands matter?

The reason why diaper brands matter is because nobody wants there babies to have a uncomfortable diaper

What is the difference between generic diapers and storebrand diapers?

PRICE. I have found some generic diapers I like and others I don't same with name brand. Try different generic brands and name brands to find the diaper that's right for your baby. Not all name brand diapers are better. Try different generic brands from different stores. Some babies may have a reaction to certain diapers. I have found that some name brands leak more than generic. May also depend on your babys body and activitie level on which diaper fits him/her best.

What are some popular brands of preemie diapers?

Preemie diapers are ideal choices for babies born with low birth weights. Huggies brand diapers are very popular in the US and they carry diapers for premature infants.

Are there disposable adult diapers that look like real diapers?

Look up: ABDL DIAPERS! brand names: CRINKLZ Little4Big TYKABLES ABUNIVERSE BAMBINO Theres other brands as well

Does Toys R Us accept baby diapers coupons?

Yes Toys R Us does accept baby diapers coupons. There are many brands of diapers and the coupon is only good for the brand described.

Where can I find coupons for diapers?

One of the best places where you can find coupons for diapers of different brands is the website You can also take a look at or