What are the brands of infant formula milk?

There are many brands of Infant formula...
Name Brands such as Enfamil, Gerber, and Similac which can be VERY expensive,
or Store Brands such as Babies R Us, Target Up&Up or Walmart's Parent's Choice. They are all nutritionally equal regardless of the name of the brand. The biggest difference is the cost.
Name Brand infant formula can cost $30 a can, and you can get coupons from the manufacturer, but they are usually only $4 or $5 off. The Store Brands can be as inexpensive as $12 a can, no coupon needed. How can Store Brands cost so much less? It's because of the marketing overhead. Name Brands give free samples to hospitals and doctor's offices, and someone has to pay for that, so they pass it on to the consumer.
Bottom line is, talk to your pediatrician, Breast feed if you can, and if not, consider Store Brands as they will save you up to 50% off of Name Brands so you can buy other things you need for baby.