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every 54000 miles,belt tension should be checked during normal servicing, if your unsure of the condition or when last changed i would sugest replacement of the belt and tensioners as its a lot cheaper to replace the belt and tensioner than it is to repair when the belt/tensioner fails, you will still have a belt replacement but also the added cost of stripping the head to replace valves, head bolts and gasket on refitting the head also all that labour cost, (these engines are also prone to damaging the pistons on belt failure)

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What is the Cam belt changing interval for Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin?

Whe should the cambelt be changes on a shogun pinin 1800

What is cheaper to run Mitsubishi warrior or shogun?

if were talking miles on fuel then the warrior but only just!

Which car is better land cruiser or Mitsubishi shogun?

Mitsubishi shogun is the better 4x4 from Toyota and Mitsubishi

Warrior syko or warrior shogun?

syko and shogun are almost the same its just that shogun is like 170$ and Syko 90$ I have a syko and i love it

Change alternator Mitsubishi shogun 2.5 d?

how to change an alternator Mitsubishi shogun 3000 v6

Cam belt diagram for Mitsubishi shogun?

timing shogun

Who is higher samurai or shogun?

Shogun; samurai is a principled sword warrior, shogun is a faction leader.

Where are Mitsubishi shogun cars made?

Mitsubishi shogun cars come off the assembly line in Sakahogi, Japan. There are other factories but this is the one that specifically produces shogun cars.

What sizes are available for Mitsubishi Shogun wheels?

Mitsubishi Shogun wheels come in a huge variety of sizes ranging from 155/80 to 235/45. Mitsubishi Shogun wheels also come in all kinds of models like Colt and Lancer.

How do you replace front sidelight bulb on Mitsubishi shogun?

shogun side light bulb

Why is the Mitsubishi Pajero called a Shogun in the UK?

pajero means masturbation in spanish,so Mitsubishi uses shogun name instead of pajero in the Europe not only in UK.

Which company manufactures the vehicle called the Shogun Sport?

The Shogun Sport is an SUV manufactured by Mitsubishi. This vehicle is part of the Mitsubishi Challenger line, and is available in the United Kingdom.

What Mitsubishi truck is used in tv series primeval?

1992 Mitsubishi Shogun Ep. 1.04

What are the specifications for the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport?

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is considered a mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle. It has four doors and optional four-wheel drive capability. Mitsubishi began manufacturing these vehicles in 2008.

What is the starting price for a Mitsubishi Shogun?

The Mitsubishi Shogun (also sold under the names Mitsubishi Pajero and Montero, depending on what part of the world you live in) has a 2013 base price that starts at 27,000 euros for the diesel station wagon model in the UK.

Where is the reverse light switch on a Mitsubishi shogun sport?

gear box

What is the average price for a brand new 2013 Mitsubishi Shogun?

The average price for a brand new 2013 Mitsubishi Shogun is $45,000. Prices will vary from dealer to dealer, and will vary due to location of a dealership.

What type of sports are shogun?

"There are no sports which are shoguns. There is, however, a vehicle called the Mitsubishi Shogun that is a sport vehicle. It is sold in the United Kingdom."

What is a Mitsubishi Shogun SWB?

A Mitsubishi Shogun SWB is a sport utility vehicle sold in the UK. It has four wheel drive, off road and touring capability plus the interior comfort of a spacious sedan car.

Dashboard and tail lights not working on Mitsubishi shogun?

Check the fuse or the wiring

How many miles per gallon does a Mitsubishi shogun v6 get?

not enough i recon

When should you replace the cam belt on a Mitsubishi shogun 3.2?

10000 k

What mileage should you change the cam belt on a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport?


What does ETV MTR and FB means for a mitsubishi shogun pinin?

ETV motor

Where can you get a paper repair manual for a 2004 Mitsubishi shogun sport diesel 2.5 TD?

You would need to purchase this from a Mitsubishi Dealer.