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The most common cause for tongue fasciculations is BFS, or Benign Fasciculation Syndrome. As the name would suggest, this little understood condition is harmless and generally comes and goes, though some people suffer from it for years. However, any type of persistent fasciculation should be addressed with your physician so that other causes, both treatable and untreatable, might be ruled out. Never attempt any sort of self-diagnosis based on information found on the internet, particularly where fasciculations are concerned. It should also be noted that when checking the tongue for fasciculations, the tongue should be left at rest entirely inside the mouth. Nearly all tongues will fasciculate once you stick them out, and, in fact, it is often difficult for patients to hold their tongues still even at rest on the floor of their mouths. I would suggest that many laypeople are too quick to self-diagnose fasciculations of the tongue.

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What are tongue fasciculations?

Tongue fasciculation's are twitches that happen in the tongue muscle. These involuntary movements can happen when the tongue is relaxed or when it contracts.


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